Wednesday, December 22, 2021

‘It is embarrassing’: CDC "struggles" to track Covid cases as Omicron looms/ Politico

It is not embarrassing.  This is CDC's MO.  They make certain not to collect the necessary information--which frees CDC to spin the story any way they want to:  since no one can get hold of the quality data to prove them wrong.

"As the world experiences new, more transmissible Covid-19 variants, scientists and health officials in the U.S. are still struggling to gather accurate and timely domestic data to help inform policy decisions to safeguard Americans.

Continuing gaps in the CDC’s data collection program, which almost two years into the pandemic still relies on state health departments who use a mix of often incompatible and outdated state systems to identify cases, impedes the nation’s understanding of where and how fast the virus is spreading, according to more than a dozen state and federal officials involved in tracking cases...

Because of the lack of accurate and timely domestic data, Biden health officials over the last eight months have increasingly relied on international sources to respond to domestic surges in part because they believe the information is more reliable, the officials said. "

CDC just got about $4 billion added to their budget under Biden.  CDC pays the states to collect data.  When CDC says jump, the states ask how high.  But for some strange, inexplicable reason (if you don't include corruption) CDC has never asked the states to collect uniform data.

I have it on good authority that when Congress has demanded better info, CDC says they can't provide it, because the states won't give it to them, and they don't have the authority to collect it directly.  You heard it here first that CDC makes sure the states don't provide it.  What is CDC doing with its $15 Billion budget?

Dan Jernigan, the deputy director of the CDC’s Public Health Science and Surveillance office, acknowledged that the CDC had not yet secured additional future funding to improve state data collection — funding supplemental to the money it earmarks for data modernization annually.

CDC blamed the lack of public data on FDA's "BEST" system not being operational a few months back, as if CDC didn't have ten of its own hidden systems to provide data about vaccine side effects and deaths.  Data CDC has but the public has never seen.  CDC is #1 at scapegoating.

I have been saying this for years:  CDC is a criminal organization.  It cannot be fixed, because the only people who survive in the CDC cesspool are those who thrive on chicanery.  The American pubic would be so much better off without it.  As Bobby Kennedy says, the health of Americans has fallen from #1 to about #50 during the 35 year reign of Fauci and this was also the period of ascendance of the CDC.

For example, from the Kaiser Family Foundation in September:

As discussed in more detail in a separate brief, life expectancy at birth was similar in the U.S. and comparable countries in 1980 (74.5 and 73.7 years, respectively), but the gap has grown substantially in the following decades. Driven by the COVID-19 pandemic, life expectancy dropped in 2020 to 77.3 years in the U.S. and 82.1 in comparable countries on average. Prior to the pandemic, life expectancy was increasing in comparable countries, while the U.S. had experienced slower growth with declines in recent years.  

And can you believe this Fauci quote in the Politico article, after we have been told that 73% of new cases are due to omicron?  He is probably the mastermind of the data disaster:

“There's a lot of data that's coming in from a lot of different places. It's coming in from the U.K., it's coming in from Israel, it's coming in a lot from South Africa, which is ahead of the rest of the world in the experience they're having with Omicron,” Fauci said. “We've gotten virus either in the live virus form or in the pseudo virus form. [Duh?] But we don’t have enough of this in the United States to be able to bank on our own clinical experience which is in contrast to the South Africans who are in real time experiencing the clinical impact of Omicron.”

Can someone inform him that we are in real time experiencing the impact of omicron?  And clearly have been for awhile?


Anonymous said...

UK approves new COVID treatment, may work against Omicron?

Anonymous said...

"[S]otrovimab is not intended to be used as a substitute for vaccination against COVID-19." And that, in a nutshell, is why governments around the world are suppressing early treatment. They are afraid early treatment will be wildly successful and people will avoid the vaccine.

There is something rotten in Denmark, and the UK, and Canada, and the US....

vaxxednot said...

Plans are for the CDC to be converted
into a hog farm. Most people prefer
bacon over BS and lies and bacon is profitable.

Current staff will not be unemployed but
shifted into manure shovelers and purefiers.