Thursday, January 6, 2022

Resiliency: Surviving in the age of censorship, propaganda and cancel culture

Like water off a duck's back

So, not that what happens to me is so special - but last night Linkedindecided I was not a fit human to be on their platform. In another blink of an eye of big tech, Linkin flushed my 30,000 connections and platformed me. No explanations, no warnings were given. I can say that I rarely post anything on Link-in that is controversial anymore, since they de-platformed me and then apologized for it last summer. This was not a surprise - just more of the same censorship that is happening everywhere.

All I can do at this point is laugh about it. This is about resiliency: like water off a duck’s back.

In two weeks since Twitter de-platformed me, my GETTR account has gone over 212,000 followers. Other social media venues are doing well also. My Substack is over 100,000 people. My Gab account is 88,000 strong. My fan run telegram account also has 189,000 subscribers. I am recording 8-10 podcasts and TV interviews a day. If I could clone me, I could do five times that number. I will not let my voice be silenced, because the cause is too great.  

I can only hope with the linkedin censorship: my voice, your voice - all of us will unite and find a common path forward to stop the propaganda madness being driven by the oligarchs who control big tech, big media and big pharma.

Remember, The oligarch are using cancel culture to control us.  

Cancel culture refers to the popular practice of withdrawing support for ( canceling) public figures and companies after they have done or said something considered objectionable or offensive. Cancel culture is generally discussed as being performed on social media in the form of group shaming.

On Joe Rogan last week, I spoke of Mass Formation and how the hypnotized are fully bought into the idea that vaccine mandates for a leaky vaccine with poor efficacy against Omicron was absolutely mass formation hypnotic event. This idea went viral on the internet and the topic of “mass formation” skyrocketed in the search engines. This is when google decided to manually edit the search results. The pasted image from an article (below) tells the story:

It is all described in this article:

Google Quickly Resets, Screens Results for ‘Mass Formation Psychosis’ After Bombshell Dr. Malone, Joe Rogan Interview

What happened is not important in the context of “me,” but what it shows is that Google has become the “minister of truth.” Free speech can only occur when all voices are allowed to be heard. This is no longer about COVID-19, this is about control of what we are allowed to think, believe and speak about.

The question is why are the oligarchs so scared of me? Of Peter? Of physicians who advocate for early treatment? Of you? Let’s face it, it is because our combined efforts to stop the illegal mandates, to stop the jabbing of children with experimental vaccines and to stop the propaganda and censorship is having an impact. It is because we are all realizing how the Internet is being controlled to influence us in how we think.

So what can people do to limit the censorship in their own lives and to help build a less censored Internet? An Internet that does not exude quite so much propaganda?

Stop using google as your search engine. There are so many good search engines available now. I use Duck, Duck GO - but there are many others. The advantages are that the results are not politically motivated. 

A Google Search is no longer a Search engine, but “Google Ads” engine. Google and facebook team up to personalize your  results ads. They comb through your messages and feed you what they think you want to buy. It is a biased search. The ads are always placed at the top of your search results. Duck, Duck Go stops Facebook and Google from accessing your searches. 

But worse than the ad issue, is that now we have evidence that Google is manipulating the searches for their own political machinations. What happened with the “mass formation” example above shows that google searches have become nothing more than a propaganda arm for the US government and the oligarchs.  

While you are at it, consider dumping Google mail. Many people have migrated to Proton mail because is it fully encrypted and your emails are not scanned to bias your searches. I do maintain legacy google email addresses, because this is how many people know how to get hold of me but eventually, I will terminate these too. But these days I use proton mail as my main account as much as possible.

FULL STOP - GET OFF OF YOUTUBE whenever possible. Youtube is censoring COVID-19 related content to fall in line with Faucism. That means if the messaging is at all different from what the FDA or CDC or NIAID promotes - as directed by King Biden and Consigliere Fauci, the videos are removed and the creator blocked after three “strikes” of uploading such videos This absolute has created both a situation of censorship for the user, but also self-censorship by the creators of content. So, let’s all work to build alternative platforms for our videos.

I know, some videos we have to watch via youtube. But as much as possible, use alternatives like Vimeo, Rumble and Bitchute. 

Finally, a shout out to Signal. 

Signal is a cross-platform centralized encrypted instant messaging service developed by the non-profit Signal Technology Foundation and Signal Messenger LLC.Users can send one-to-one and group messages, which can include files, voice notes, images and videos. It can also be used to make one-to-one and group voice and video calls, and the Android version can optionally function as an SMS app.

Talk to me and the people who read this Substack about other social media and Internet alternatives. Please list your favorites in the comments section. Please include why they are good alternatives.

For instance, LinkedIn alternatives? I can’t find any that both don’t heavily censor or meet the same need as LinkedIn. Are there any?

Also, for those that hire employees and/or are looking for a job, what employment website are you using to avoid being de-platformed? Steve Kirsch tells a story of putting out an ad on Indeed for an organizer for setting up the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation non-profit. As Steve has been running a large tech company for many years, Indeed is a company he has heavily supported with his advertising dollars. To his shock, Indeed immediately removed his ad for the position and banned him from using the site again. This is where we have come down to. There is to be no alternate voices on the Internet.

Then there is Wiki… The co-founder of Wiki has come out saying that Wiki can no longer be trusted, please read:

Wikipedia co-founder says site is now ‘propaganda’ for left-leaning ‘establishment’

Now, he (Jimmy Wales) insisted, conservative voices are “sternly warned if not kicked out” if they try to add a different take on establishment views — which Sanger deemed “propaganda.”

“You can’t cite Fox News on socio-political issues. It’s just banned now,” he insisted of the apparent clampdown on respected conservative voices.

“It means that if a controversy does not appear in the mainstream centre-left media, then it’s not going to appear on Wikipedia,” he said.

Now you can only rely on the site to “to give an establishment point of view,” rather than the diverse range of opinions it was set up to give, he insisted.

“If only one version of the facts is allowed then that gives a huge incentive to wealthy and powerful people to seize control of things like Wikipedia in order to shore up their power,” he said.

So, what is the Wiki alternative?

What are your ideas for creating free speech platforms that have less propaganda and censorship? What browsers are you using? Lets share ideas and get them out into the discussion in the comments!

Of course, it all goes without saying, that this is a little like “whack a mole.” This battle for control of the Internet by the US Government and the oligarchs is not going away. Alternative platforms will be sold and co-opted, as they grow. We have to learn to be flexible and willing to change.

So, join the fight to stop the propaganda and censorship. We each have a small part we can play in this, but together we may just change the world.


Anonymous said...

Ta-da! I just closed my LinkedIn account. It's something I've been thinking of doing for awhile now anyway. Censoring Dr Malone by deplatforming him convinced me that it's long past time I boot LinkedIn to the kerb. Their algorithm is bafflingly off-base anyway.

Hey, I feel lighter already!

Anonymous said...

Anthony Fauci Feat. Peter Daszak Gain Of Function

Alex (@Alex49664103) Tweeted: @LibiitheCat @HumeField @PeterDaszak You mean this one?

Anonymous said...

Portland press herald is propaganda.