Monday, January 31, 2022

Justin Trudeau hosted Ukrainian Neo-Nazis in Ottawa, but wants you to think it's a "Trucker" thing/ Global Research

Above, Justin Trudeau meeting in Ottawa with the head of Ukraine's Neo-Nazi party, the gentleman he is closest to, Andreiy Parubiy. 

According to Justin Trudeau: 

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says “hate speech and racist symbols must not be tolerated in Canada.”


Trudeau referred to swastikas intimating that the organizers are supportive of Neo-Nazi symbols. (There was one swastika event in Ottawa coupled with a Confederate flag, confirmed by the Times of Israel).

What Trudeau, however, fails to mention is that his government is supporting Ukraine’s National Guard which is controlled by Neo-Nazi elements.

When will Canadians say, "Let's go, Justin"?  How can they bear him even one more day?  Send him back to drama class.


Anonymous said...

just waiting for that man to go down. He is terrible.

Tyro said...

The confederate flag carrier was chased away immediately and the swastika was seen at a distance, away from the protesters, apparently left unattended.

I hope the US get royalties on this production.

Anonymous said...

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Barry said...

The whole 'nazi' thing is getting boring. Your mate in the previous article that's making all the headlines, the same. Do a little work into the true history of German national socialism, why it came about, and what it truly stood for... and where the term 'nazi' came from. The problem is, many people, like you Meryl, and I don't 'blame you for this but I do hold you to account, are fully aware that the govt and media lie to you and hide things and portray falsity as history today... but you perfectly happily accept that the same people were telling you the truth 50,60,70 years ago. Media, govt, ruling class lies are not a modern phenomenon.