Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Everything you need to know about medical aspects of the pandemic and COVID treatment: the Ron Johnson event today

COVID-19, a Second Opinion.

Get educated.  Best 5 hours you may ever spend.  And it's free.

Senator Ron Johnson hosted a panel discussion yesterday, January 24, on all things COVID.

It was amazing.  All the experts from yesterday's rally, and more, were present in one Senate room, and everyone had a chance to speak.  Okay, I maybe disagreed with 1% of what was said, but it was an amazing compilation of information, all gathered together in time and space, which hopefully cannot be cancelled.  All the best people were there.

Make a meal, fold laundry, wash dishes, but find a way to sit down, learn and enjoy this.  It is truly a very special event.


Jerm said...

I wonder what part you disagreed with Dr. Nass? I watched the entire thing from the middle to the end and then from the beginning to the middle. I would say there was a small portion that I disagreed with.

One thing would be that Omicron is a variant. I think other Doctors implicitly disagreed too. There was little or no talk about the lab origins of the disease and I speculate that Omicron was also made in the lab as an easy way out and not get blamed for genocide. It also allows all of the countries of the world, with the pull back on testing, to claim that injections somehow solved the problem.

Anonymous said...

1/2 hour edited version of testimony from Senator Ron Johnson...


Pogo said...

The 1% I did not agree with was how wonderful all other modern vaccines are. Those with aluminium adjuvants are prime suspect (with good mechanistic objective evidence) causing the epidemic of autoimmune diseases and late onset autism. Saying correlation does not prove causation is being used as an excuse to ignore the problem whilst the $$$$ roll in. So we need to keep in mind that the mRNA technology is only a tip of a huge iceberg.