Thursday, November 4, 2021

VA study: by October, the 3 vaccines averaged 48% efficacy in preventing infection/Science magazine


We report SARS-CoV-2 vaccine effectiveness against infection (VE-I) and death (VE-D) by vaccine type (n = 780,225) in the Veterans Health Administration, covering 2.7% of the U.S. population. From February to October 2021, VE-I declined from 87.9% to 48.1%, and the decline was greatest for the Janssen vaccine resulting in a VE-I of 13.1%. Although breakthrough infection increased risk of death, vaccination remained protective against death in persons who became infected during the Delta surge. From July to October 2021, VE-D for age 65 years was 73.0% for Janssen, 81.5% for Moderna, and 84.3% for Pfizer-BioNTech; VE-D for age ≥65 years was 52.2% for Janssen, 75.5% for Moderna, and 70.1% for Pfizer-BioNTech. 

But this may be overly optimistic.  In the UK, the vaccines still worked somewhat in those under 30.  But for the older age groups, the vaccine actually had negative efficacy. That means you were more likely to get COVID if you were vaccinated, compared to the unvaccinated.  If you were over 40, you were twice as likely to get COVID if you had been vaccinated, for a negative efficacy of 100%.  I am sure a reader can provide the link to the official UK publication. 

Oh, I found it:

But the MSM simply publish the CDC fantasies that are designed to entrap parents and children in the vaccine nightmare.  How does the headline below pass the smell test for "careful, fact-based" reporting by the WaPo? Lena Sun has been a reliable narrative protector for years and years at this rag.  By the way, this article is not behind a paywall, suggesting that CDC paid the WaPo to publish it. Dr. Andrew Pavia, widely quoted in the article, is a hack vaccine apologist who also wanted to vaccinate people with experimental bird flu vaccines, just in case a bird flu showed up some day, around 2005--yes, Andrew, I have been watching your uneducated BS for over a decade, and your quotes today are priceless evidence for the Nuremberg 2 trials. We won't forget.

Andrew T. Pavia, a professor of pediatrics and infectious diseases at the University of Utah, said in an email Monday [about] the new CDC science review, “I think there is a tension between conveying the scientific gray areas and the need to combat the ‘natural infection is better’ misinformation that has taken hold. I think the review threads that needle well.”

WaPo:  CDC finds immunity from vaccines is more consistent than from infection, but both last at least six months

The public responded with over 1350 comments, and WaPo won't accept any more.

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