Friday, November 12, 2021

Oklahoma Guard goes rogue, rejects COVID vaccine mandate after sudden change of command, Governor calls mandate "irresponsible"

A nice shot across the bow.  With such a peculiar Presidency (demented, but issuing grandiose orders, and flaunting the rule of law, while being incapable of reaching across the aisle) it will be interesting to see how else Republican states may respond.

I was told that 26 states have joined actions against federal mandates, including Iowa, whose governor is a Democrat in a swing state.

And in case you didn't hear it already, the court today rejected the government's pleading in the OSHA mandate case, and the injunction stands.

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Tyro said...

The 5th Circuit's order is worth reading - it's unusually candid and clearly presented. I suspect the court wants to make their analysis and criticism accessible to the public at large.

Because the order confronts the Biden admin's imperious conduct and illicit arrogation of authority with evidence of their bad faith. Which extends to the mandate as well. That's why the court has rejected the mandate so roundly - not only for it's doctrinal and constitutional illegitimacy but because it's been conceived and attempted deceitfully.

Here's what was issued on the 12th when enforcing the stay ...