Thursday, November 11, 2021

Home virus tests recalled over false positives reach 2 million kits/ NY Times

 The Australian company Ellume has expanded a recall of its at-home coronavirus test because of concerns about a “higher-than-acceptable” rate of false positives, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration said on Tuesday.

The recall now includes roughly two million of the 3.5 million test kits that Ellume had shipped to the United States by last month, a substantial increase from the company’s earlier estimate that about 427,000 of those kits were potentially faulty.

It is not clear how many false positives the affected tests have yielded. The issue, which the company had previously traced to a problem with one of the raw materials used in its test kits, does not affect the reliability of negative results.

The F.D.A. categorized the recall, which was first announced last month, as Class I, the most serious type. Use of the tests could have “serious adverse health consequences,” the agency said. People who falsely test positive for the virus may receive unnecessary treatments for Covid-19 and experience delays in being diagnosed with and treated for “the actual cause of the person’s illness,” the agency noted...



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'World’s Leading ICU Doctor Files Lawsuit To Allow Covid Treatment With Ivermectin…'

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Looks like got rid of a foreign competitor.

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The cancellation of Gilliam has been welcomed by members of the new thought police, the Old Vic 12. They’re a group of young writers, producers and directors who do stuff for the place. And they’ve been wielding their digital pitchforks on Twitter.

“This should have been scrapped over a year ago, but it’s taken them this long to do something right for ONCE,” tweeted Nassy Konan. “Good. It should have been cancelled over a year ago,” Penny Babakhani agreed. “And the leadership at the Old Vic owe many of us an apology for the awful, awful way this was handled.”

Ever heard of these two? Do you want to go and see anything they’re involved in? Me neither. You can be sure it’ll be safely woke, socially aware and very, very… dull. They’re not in Terry Gilliam’s league, and never will be. 
Someone needs to pick up this production and run with it – there’ll be a queue around the block. Because people are sick of being told by these cultural Nazis what they can and cannot see.

Gilliam was set to stage the musical ‘Into The Woods’ next year, but the production has now been shelved, after staff at London’s Old Vic objected to his views on trans issues and the MeToo movement.

It might be the funniest movie scene of all time, but it’d never get past the cultural thought police these days. No way.

It’s set in an amphitheatre in Jerusalem, around the time of Christ, and members of a resistance movement against the Roman occupation are having a debate. One man continually interrupts to make sure women get a mention. “Why are you always on about women, Stan?” another man asks him.
“I want to be one. I want to be a woman. From now on, I want you all to call me Loretta. “Don’t you oppress me!” Stan retorts.

Monty Python’s ‘The Life of Brian’ was released in 1979, and absolutely nailed the tedious trans argument in under two minutes. Over 40 years later, the debate rages louder than ever and that central gender fact still remains.

At the end of the scene, the People’s Front of Judea agree to support Stan’s right.
“It is symbolic of our struggle against oppression,” replies Francis.
“It’s symbolic of his struggle against reality,” Reg concludes.
No way would a big Hollywood studio back that sort of humour these days – no way.
Notice, though, that it isn’t the masses you and I who object to this kind of material. It’s the minuscule number of people who happen to be the self-appointed cultural arbitrators of the era. And they either cave in immediately to the woke mob, or are active members of the woke mob themselves, pitchforks in hand.

Now they’ve managed to skewer themselves a Python. Terry Gilliam was a founding member of Monty Python’s Flying Circus, as an animator and occasional cast member. He later co-directed their ‘Holy Grail’ film, as well as directing movies such as ‘Time Bandits’, ‘Brazil’, ‘The Fisher King’ and ‘The Man Who Killed Don Quixote’.

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Two weeks later, the theatre announced on its website that it had “mutually agreed” with co-producers Scenario Two that the “production of ‘Into the Woods’ will not take place at the Old Vic.” The Central London theatre had apparently sold £300,000 worth of tickets for the production of Stephen Sondheim’s 1987 musical. The playwright is “furious” over the decision and is standing by Gilliam, according to iNews.

Users on social media have also expressed support for Gilliam, with many criticising the Old Vic management for “pandering to Cancel Culture” and letting the “mob dictate who is acceptable” and who is not. A number of commenters likened the cancellation to “puritanical” censorship – with some paying homage to iconic Monty Python sketches.

“Isn’t this all getting a bit dangerous??? Soon no one will share views at all for fear of being ruined. It takes 300 people to get an ad removed from TV, a lot less to cost a person their job,” British filmmaker Paul Andrew Williams tweeted.

Some defended the theatre’s decision, however, pointing out the “completely disproportionate” levels of “danger” between Gilliam’s inability to “put on a show” and daily life for trans people. Others referenced his comments to opine why they “wouldn’t want to work with anyone” who holds those views.

An awkward scene took place at the closing ceremony of a major film festival in the Ukrainian city of Odessa on Saturday, when renowned British director Terry Gilliam thanked Russia instead of Ukraine for his honorary award.