Thursday, October 14, 2021

More stories about staffing problems and lawsuits over the mandates

Massachusetts may lose 40-50% of its corrections officers to the mandate, and the governor is talking about bringing in the National Guard.  The Guard is already driving school buses.  Massachusetts is possibly the bluest state in the nation.  It was the only state that voted for McGovern in 1972.

Massachusett's State Police union has filed for an injunction against the clot shot mandate.  So has the corrections officers' union.

If this is what is happening in the bluest state, just think how many clot shot refusers there are everywhere else.  The society can't run if the workers can't work.  Are the bosses trying to create chaos as a pretext for something else, or are they only trying to bluff and coerce us into submission?


Dr. Peter McCullough said doctors are now being hunted for refusing to go along.  One day after an affidavit I wrote was filed in court in Maine against our health department's mandate for healthcare workers, I got a letter from the secretary of the medical board telling me I had to respond to a complaint.  What was the complaint?  Someone who never met me and does not know any of my patients didn't like a video interview he saw, and said so to the board.  Not a single specific complaint or allegation was made against anything I said.

I will keep you all updated regarding this business.  I am dismayed but simultaneously amused at how a medical board or its secretary can ask me to defend myself against a charge of being disliked.  Is this America's COVID jurisprudence? 

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Anonymous said...

Your words spread like wildfire across other sites. So many of us are becoming vocally non-compliant while holding the line. Keep up the great work!