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Technocracy in Action: Global Digital Vaccine Passports. WHO and EU Commission Partner for ‘Digital Health’ with New COVID-19 Digital Certificate . By Derrick Broze @ The Last American Vagabond and Global Research.

With the latest announcement that the European Commission and the World Health Organization are partnering on a Digital Vaccine Passport the Technocratic State is coming into view.

On Monday the European Commission  and the World Health Organization announced a “digital health” partnership to establish a new Digital Vaccine Passport system for the world.

The announcement by the EU and the WHO notes that the new digital identity scheme is building on the work of the EU Digital COVID Certificate which was enacted in June 2021 during the COVID-19 panic and is set to expire on June 30. According to the EU, more than 2.3 billion certificates were issued.

Thierry Breton, EU Commissioner on Internal Market, said he was “pleased that the WHO will build on the privacy-preserving principles and cutting-edge technology of the EU certificate to create a global tool against future pandemics.”

Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus claimed the digital certificates will “help people everywhere receive quality health services quickly and more effectively”.

Ironically, the European Commission and WHO say the EU Vaccine Passport helped “facilitate safe free movement”. The reality is the passport program was one of several created by public-private partnerships between government and Non-Governmental Organizations and corporations which required individuals to show proof of vaccination to work, travel, or eat.

Now, the WHO wants to take the EU system and establish a global system that they claim will “help protect citizens across the world from on-going and future health threats, including pandemics”.

The press release also notes this latest partnership is part of an agreement signed in December 2022 by EU Commissioner Stella Kyriakides and WHO Director-General Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus to “enhance strategic cooperation on global health issues”. The organizations say this new partnership “bolsters a robust multilateral system with WHO at its core”.

These statements amount to an acknowledgement that these type of programs begin at the transnational level with globalist organizations like the WHO and the EU before they trickle down to national governments, state and provinces, and, eventually, local councils.

Global Digital Vaccine Passports Coming Soon

The WHO’s statement announcing the partnership describes it as the “first building block” of the WHO Global Digital Health Certification Network (GDHCN) that will “develop a wide range of digital products to deliver better health for all”. The WHO says the COVID-19 “pandemic response” taught them there is an “existing gap and continued need” for a mechanism to support verification of health documents for so-called ” pandemic preparedness and continuity of care”.

The WHO also said the GDHCN can be an “infrastructural building block” for future additional use cases, including digitization of existing vaccine certificates, verification of prescriptions across borders, and verification of vaccine certificates within and across international borders.

The WHO also emphasized that the GDHCN “builds upon the experience of regional networks for COVID-19 Certificates” and uses the infrastructure of the EU Digital COVID Certificate system. This system has been adopted by all EU member states and 51 non-EU countries.

Still Believe Digital Vaccine Passports Are Something Made Up by Conspiracy Theorists?

In April 2021 — two months before the EU COVID Certificate was to be implemented — I reported on the evidence that the EU has been planning health passports since at least 2019. I wrote:

“While the World Economic Forum and the Gates Foundation coincidentally simulated a pandemic mere months before COVID-19 was the buzz of 2020, the European Union MEPs also seem to have a keen foresight and ability to predict the future. A document listed on the European Union’s website shows a 2019-2022 RoadMap on “Strengthening Cooperation Against Vaccine Preventable Diseases” which makes it clear that Europe’s highest legislative body had planned for years to develop some type of vaccine passport. The EU’s website details how the Road Map has been in development since December 2017.”


Click here for an enlarged view.

In the Road Map, under a section titled “Actions” it reads:

“Examine the feasibility of developing a common vaccination card/passport for EU citizens (that takes into account potentially different national vaccination schedules and), that is compatible with electronic immunisation information systems and recognised”

This document indicates that the EU was already working on plans to implement vaccination passports before most of the world had ever heard the term. As The Last American Vagabond has reported since July 2020, the push for vaccine passports is really a push for digital identity schemes which are part of the push for a “Great Reset” and the transformation of every industry on the planet.

The WEF and associates have been pushing the idea of immunity/vaccine passports since 2020 and the fact that these schemes are now reality is no coincidence. The fact that the European Commission, the executive branch of the EU, is partnered with the WEF is also no accident. In January 2021, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen spoke at the WEF’s annual Davos week that was specifically dedicated to the “Great Reset” vision.

“Vaccine Passports” Are a Gateway to Digital ID Hell

The push for vaccine passports or digital identities is not coming from the people. There is no genuine call for these policies rising up from the grassroots. It is coming from various organizations, such as the Better Identity Coalition, with ties to cybersecurity spooks with connections to the national security state, U.S. and Israeli intelligence, banks, and corporations.

These schemes are also being sold to the people of the world under the guise of building a more equitable, sustainable, and just world. The United Nations [and Tedros—Nass] is promoting the idea that digital identity is a human right in an effort to persuade the Global South and developing nations to participate. This is a scam.

In fact, in June 2022, New York University’s (NYU) School of Law issued a 100-page report detailing the growing dangers of a reliance on digital identity around the world. The report, titled Paving a Digital Road to Hell?, examines the role of the World Bank and other international networks which have been promoting the use of digital ID in recent years.

The report notes that the World Bank has been “energetically promoting biometric and other digital ID systems that are increasingly linked to large-scale human rights violations, especially in the Global South”. The researchers warn that digital identity schemes “promoted in the name of development and inclusion, might be achieving neither”. Despite ostensible good intentions on the part of some promoting these systems, they “may well be paving a digital road to hell.”

The press release for the report notes (emphasis added):

“Governments around the world have been investing heavily in digital identification systems, often with biometric components (digital ID). The rapid proliferation of such systems is driven by a new development consensus, packaged and promoted by key global actors like the World Bank, but also by governments, foundations, vendors and consulting firms.

In 2014, the World Bank launched the Identification for Development (ID4D) program with the aim of solving the problem of a lack of identity for much of the so-called “developing world”. The World Bank is funding digital biometric ID programs in Mexico, pushing digital ID in poorer countries with the ostensible goal of providing legal identity to the 1.1 billion people who do not currently have one.

The fact that the EU and the WHO are announcing a new vision for COVID-19 digital vaccine certificates may yet be a sign that the “powers-that-wish-they-were” are not done playing the “pandemic” card. Consider the recent statement of U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra while speaking to journalists in Geneva, Switzerland at the recent 76th meeting of the WHO’s World Health Assembly.

“I think we’ll get an accord in place if everyone realizes that our window before this next pandemic, this next health threat, is probably not far away.”

Whatever awaits humanity in the remainder of 2023 and 2024, we must unite all the people of the world who value bodily autonomy and individual liberty. We cannot thrive in the face of what is potentially on the horizon — whether plandemic or climate change lockdowns — if we are neutered by our petty arguments and divisive online debates. If we want liberty, we must stand together now, like never before.

Derrick Broze, a staff writer for The Last American Vagabond, is a journalist, author, public speaker, and activist. He is the co-host of Free Thinker Radio on 90.1 Houston, as well as the founder of The Conscious Resistance Network & The Houston Free Thinkers.

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