Sunday, June 4, 2023

Big News!

First, I got about 250 new subscribers since my last post (not even 24 hours ago) on my case and the suppression of doctors, and 34 new paid subscribers—more than for any one post previously. I am now over 25,000 subscribers and I am tremendously grateful to everyone for reading and spreading the information I share out to the world!

Second, your support has now confirmed that I need to (and can) start a new organization to combat the WHO and UN power grabs. Its purpose will be to serve as an umbrella group: a source of reliable information on the WHO and UN documents and plans as they are released. I already received a grant and have hired a lawyer who has UN experience and knows how to interpret amendments, treaties and similar documents. James Roguski is a partner. Our purpose will be to assist freedom groups around the world to get the information they need as soon as it is available, and to work with them to craft effective actions together.

I hope to also craft model legislation that can help groups in different countries work with lawmakers to stop the WHO and UN from their attempts to wrest sovereignty, legally, from our nations. While it seems most of the leaders are already committed to selling off their populations to the globalist agenda and presumably a one world government, at least whenever the WHO Director-General or the UN Secretary-General see fit to declare an emergency, the people around the world don’t want this. So what we need is to get enough people to understand what is transpiring and take simple actions, like alerting their lawmakers and not letting up.

The organization does not have a name yet. It will not be a 501c3 in the US, because then it would need to stay away from trying to create and support changes to the law. We will operate on a small budget because we are highly committed people who see this as the most important thing to do right now, as we also fight the Great Reset and the planned destruction of our institutions, food supply, small businesses, family farms, etc. Several of us, including myself, have committed to work for free. More info will be coming. Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

[Continuation/expansion] of Uniform germ [biowarfare] preparation and full spectrum denial of same, via military grade propaganda: Main Purpose of attempts to make this WHO "treaty" international 'law'.

This obvious, signal dimension, must be underscored over and over again: it form very basis of this criminal and hysterical anti-human-rights project. This is precise reason for it all.


Tom said...

Many thanks for your absolutely amazing work!