Friday, May 6, 2022

Protected by Propaganda/ John Day, MD's Substack

Wonderful writer and cancelled doctor John Day on censorship, surveillance, propaganda, the incestuous links between Big Tech, 3 letter agencies and Obama, and more.

Independent journalist Gonzalo Lira, who has been podcasting from Kharkov, Ukraine, and was arrested last Friday by Ukrainian "authorities" is alive and has been released. He is "rattled", repeats himself, cannot say a lot, and cannot leave the city. Anything posted from his email or phone in the last week was not from him. He does not have access to them. Video here:

  Former US President Obama (still powerful within the Democratic Party, and potentially involved in spying on candidate Trump in 2016) speaks out forcefully for the need for more big-media narrative control against "disinformation" about  COVID vaccines, which make some people afraid to receive them. Further disinformation against good Americans like himself and the current "president" Biden are bound to come from Russian-influenced sources, just like Russia threw the 2016 elections to Trump..

He speaks eloquently, of course.  "Democracy will wither."

Glenn Greenwald:    Former Intelligence Officials, Citing Russia, Say Big Tech Monopoly Power is Vital to National Security

​  ​A group of former intelligence and national security officials on Monday issued a jointly signed letter warning that pending legislative attempts to restrict or break up the power of Big Tech monopolies — Facebook, Google, and Amazon — would jeopardize national security because, they argue, their centralized censorship power is crucial to advancing U.S. foreign policy.​.. ​several of these officials are themselves leading disinformation agents: many were the same former intelligence officials who signed the now-infamous-and-debunked pre-election letter fraudulently claiming that the authentic Hunter Biden emails had the "hallmarks” of Russia disinformation......The ostensible purpose of this new letter is to insist that Big Tech monopoly power is vital to U.S. national security — because it is necessary for them to censor “disinformation” from the internet, especially now with the grave Russian threat reflected by the war in Ukraine — and they thus demand that the anti-Big-Tech bills first be reviewed not only by the Judiciary and Antitrust Committees, but also the national security committees where they wield power and influence...​..Big Tech and the U.S. security state are in a virtually complete union, with all sorts of overlapping, mutual financial interests....​Many of the key tech monopolies — such as Google and Amazon — routinely seek and obtain highly lucrative contracts with the U.S. security state, including both the CIA and NSA... 


Anonymous said...


'Where are the 25,706 patients missing from the Pfizer data?'

There's a *big* gap between Pfizer's claims and what their latest data release shows.!

Anonymous said...

'Exclusive'! Extra, Extra!

'Pfizer's New 80,000-Page Data Dump Is A Nightmare'!
Pfizer tested their COVID Vaccine on Rats and then let Pregnant women take it!

Anonymous said...

Sure thing, just what is needed, "big tech" monopoly increasingly blurring the line between government and corporation, to the point of erasing democracy completely.

A couple things worth repeat mention:

1) Move to Amend, "money is not speech, corporations are not people". This is practically the only vision possible to restore a semblance of democracy in our country, short of revolution.

2) Imagine yet further continuation of "big tech" monopolization and consolidation with a mega-meta-merger of facebook, google, amazon, microsoft, twitter, etc. Where we end up is "The Every", by Dave Eggers, our imminent dystopian future.

Problem: we need actual *conversation* and mobilization, intentionally focused on combining energies and harnessing them for effect. As it is now, just a handful of folks sitting high and aloof in their individual bloggy pulpit silos, and mostly uni-directional preaching to their various adherants and choirs. This may give some appearance of dialogue and action, merely venting protest and frustration, while accomplishing less than nothing.

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"Without Courage…We Stand to Lose Everything to Tyranny"!