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Moneypox Biowar Smoking Guns?/ Kevin Barrett

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By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

My “COVID-19 Bioattack Smoking Gun” video with Ron Unz has passed 170,000 views. Since a key COVID-19 bio-attack suspect, Robert Kadlec, is also implicated in the monkeypox monkey business, let’s consider several possible smoking guns—discussed during the first segment of this week’s False Flag Weekly News—casting the monkeypox scare as yet another deliberately staged event emanating from the US wing of the biological warfare community.

The biggest COVID-19 smoking gun, as discussed in the Unz video, is the DIA memo proving US intelligence foreknowledge of the incipient pandemic in Wuhan before the virus could have possibly been noticed by anyone but the perpetrators. As Ron Unz writes in his American Pravda: Our Coronavirus Catastrophe as Biowarfare Blowback? ebook: 

It therefore appears that elements of the Defense Intelligence Agency were aware of the deadly viral outbreak in Wuhan more than a month before any officials in the Chinese government itself. Unless our intelligence agencies have pioneered the technology of precognition, I think this may have happened for the same reason that arsonists have the earliest knowledge of future fires.

Another indication of COVID foreknowledge is the Crimson Contagion exercise, run by Trump’s then biowar czar Robert Kadlec. Quoting again from the Unz ebook:

From the earliest days of the administration, leading Trump officials had regarded China as America’s most formidable geopolitical adversary, and orchestrated a policy of confrontation. Then from January to August 2019, Kadlec’s department ran the “Crimson Contagion” simulation exercise, involving the hypothetical outbreak of a dangerous respiratory viral disease in China, which eventually spreads into the United States, with the participants focusing on the necessary measures to control it in this country. As one of America’s foremost biowarfare experts, Kadlec had emphasized the unique effectiveness of bioweapons as far back as the late 1990s and we must commend him for his considerable prescience in having organized a major viral epidemic exercise in 2019 that was so remarkably similar to what actually began in the real world just a few months later.

Kadlec’s “prescience” becomes even more remarkable in light of the fact that he not only saw COVID coming and organized a set of major exercises rehearsing the US response just months ahead of the actual outbreak, but more recently has also profited from a monkeypox panic that was similarly foreseen in “precognitive” exercises. Kadlec, the world’s foremost proponent of biological warfare as a deniable means of targeting enemy economies, is a business associate and crony of Fuad El-Hibri, founder of Bioport (now called Emergent Biosolution), one of the two companies offering products to protect against monkeypox. Bioport/Emergent saw its stock value soar in the wake of the monkeypox panic, as reported by Whitney Webb. The company appears to have been saved from ruination by monkeypox; it had been about to lose its federal contracts, a sure path to bankruptcy for a company whose only client is the federal government, due to COVID vaccine quality-control problems when, as if by magic, monkeypox arrived to save the day.

And monkeypox arrived in the nick of time, on the exact day it had been envisioned to arrive in exercises conducted one year earlier. As reported byChildrens Health Defense:

In March 2021, the Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI), in conjunction with the Munich Security Conference, held a “tabletop exercise on reducing high-consequence biological threats.”

This “fictional exercise scenario” involved the simulation of “a deadly, global pandemic involving an unusual strain of monkeypox virus that first emerged in the fictional nation of Brinia and spread globally over 18 months.” … The fictional start date of the monkeypox pandemic in this exercise was May 15, 2022.

Google, the ultimate arbiter of truth about everything, tells us the real-world monkeypox epidemic began on May 14, 2022:

The news about the May 14 UKHSA report was widely reported in mainstream media on May 15. So the fictional start date of the monkeypox epidemic in the March 2021 NTI exercise, May 15, 2022, somehow became the real-world start date of the real-world monkeypox epidemic a little over a year after the exercise had envisioned that very thing happening on that very date. Needless to day, coincidence theorists are having a field day.

The timing becomes even more suspicious when considered in light of the WHO holding its much ballyhooed (and much-protested) World Health Assembly exactly one week later on May 22. The WHO is trying to push through a Global Pandemic Treaty that will institute a Global Vaccine Passport and override national sovereignty to impose a one-size-fits-all globalist response to future pandemics. As The Washington Post reported, the WHO is facing “a visceral, passionate online backlash that falsely accuses the World Health Organization of conspiring to take power from national governments.” To overcome that backlash, from the WHO’s viewpoint, it would certainly be helpful to have a new global pandemic, complete with ominpresent images of hideous fear-inducing pustules erupting from human skin, to panic populations into seeing the urgent need for a global pandemic treaty, even at the expense of the minor sacrifice of such small matters as personal liberty and national sovereignty. (Join the movement against the pandemic treaty HERE.)

Were any pro-Global Pandemic Treaty actors involved in the NTI’s tabletop monkeypox exercises that predicted the exact day of the outbreak? Coincidentally, yes. Again citing Childrens Health Defense:

“Key participants included:

  • Dr. Ruxandra Draghia-Akli, global head of Johnson & Johnson Global Public Health R&D and Janssen Research & Development.

  • Dr. Chris Elias, president of the global development division of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

  • Dr. George Gao, director-general of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (the Chinese CDC).

  • Dr. Margaret (Peggy) A. Hamburg, interim vice president for global biological policy and programs at NTI, a member of the global health scientific advisory committee for the Gates Foundation and a member of the board of GAVI-The Vaccine Alliance.

  • Sam Nunn, a former U.S. senator who is the founder and co-chair of NTI.

  • Dr. Michael Ryan, executive director of the WHO Health Emergencies Program and a highly visible figure during COVID-19 times.

  • Dr. Petra Wicklandt, head of corporate affairs for Merck.

Several of the participants listed above also “participated” in Event 201.”

Event 201, you will remember—like Crimson Contagion—was a drill that envisioned a COVID-like pandemic emerging from China. And like Crimson Contagion, Event 201 was held during the run-up to the real-life COVID outbreak that it predicted and practiced for.

“Drills Gone Live”

The prescient drills that mimicked the COVID and monkeypox scares are just two examples of a much more widespread phenomenon: disaster drills that “go live.” September 11, 2001, the most notable example, was the biggest pre-scheduled National Security Special Event Day in all of US history, vastly outdoing its most important forerunner, Operation Skyshield of the early 1960s, which similarly involved multiple air defense drills and the shutting down of all civilian air traffic. 9/11 was much bigger than Operation Skyshield, of course, involving no fewer than 46 drills and terror exercises, including a live fly plane-into-building exercise that evacuated the National Reconnaissance Office and prevented NRO personnel from monitoring satellite feeds showing what was really going on with the allegedly hijacked planes. Among the 46 drills of 9/11, more than two dozen of which happened on the day itself, were exercises that involved inserting false blips on FAA radar screens to confuse and mislead air controllers. That is why FAA controllers reacted to the news of hijackings by asking “Is this real-world or exercise?” (The correct answer, of course, was “Both A and B.”)

Another pair of drills that went live shortly after 9/11 were “Dark Winter,” the June 2001 bioterror exercise which morphed into the late-September 2001 anthrax attacks, and Tripod 2, which brought a huge FEMA contingent to New York City on September 10, 2001 to role-play a bioterror attack scheduled for September 12. These two drills set the stage for the anthrax attacks of late September, 2001. For evidence that the same perpetrators orchestred both 9/11 and the anthrax letters, read Barbara Honegger’s “The Scarlet A” and Graeme MacQueen’s The 2001 Anthrax Deception.

Interestingly, the Robert Kadlec-linked company Bioport, which as earlier noted was just rescued by monkeypox, was similarly saved from bankruptcy in 2001 by the anthrax attacks. As Whitney Webb explains:

BioPort stood to lose the Pentagon contracts – its only source of income. The Pentagon began preparing a report, due to be released in September 2001, that would detail a plan for letting BioPort go. Thanks to the September 11, 2001 attack on the Pentagon, that report was never released. Shortly thereafter, the 2001 anthrax attacks began.

Just months before, BioPort had contracted Battelle Memorial Institute to help rescue its flailing vaccine program. The deal gave Battelle “immediate exposure to the vaccine” and it was used in connection with the Pentagon-funded, gain-of-function anthrax program that involved both Ken Alibek and William C. Patrick III, two bioweapons experts with deep ties to the CIA. That program was housed at Battelle’s West Jefferson facility in Ohio. That facility is believed by many investigators to be the source of the anthrax used in the 2001 attacks. 

Webb notes that Robert Kadlec ran the Dark Winter exercise that prefigured the anthrax attack, and also served as top Pentagon bioterror advisor during the run-up to the attack. Kadlec’s checkered career raises the question: If it takes chutzpah to attack your own people, and the world, with biological weapons, how much more chutzpah does it take to do it repeatedly as an undisguised serial biowar criminal, bailing out your failing companies, one after another, by unleashing plagues on the public?

7/7/2005: “Drills Gone Live” Participant Inadvertently Confesses

Just as 9/11-anthrax rode in on the back of drills and exercises, the same is true of the false flag London transit bombing of July 7, 2005. The Muslim patsies were informed they were taking part in a drill, and were given backpacks and told which tube trains and busses to catch at which times. Unfortunately for the real perpetrators, the patsies missed their first train, throwing the official story into chaos and disrepute and forcing the perps to scramble to locate and eliminate the patsies, as explained in Nick Kollerstrom’s Terror on the Tube and the film 7/7 Ripple Effect.

A key organizer of the drills that “went live” on 7/7/2005 was Peter Power, head of Visor Consultants, which had been hired to participate in the drills that miraculously envisaged bombs going off at the exact times and places that the real bombs went off.

What explains the drill-goes-live phenomenon? Webster Tarpley writes that the moles inside military and intelligence organizations who organize false flag terror events can meticulously organize their crimes without arousing the suspicion of colleagues who may not be involved (like Peter Power?) by framing them as drills. Additionally, drills rehearse the actual responses of the majority non-criminal element of government agencies, which can then be anticipated and to some extent controlled by the perpetrators. 

But is it really necessary to make such things so thunderingly obvious to the whole world? How much gall must these people have to expose their crimes in such a baldfaced way, by rehearsing them ahead of time and sometimes even telling the world the exact date that their fabricated disaster will happen? Are they gambling that public outrage will not eventually break out of media containment and lead to an uprising, or at least a series of vigilante actions, that will topple them from their thrones of wealth and power and hasten them to the kind of ignonimous ends that they have imposed on such adversaries as Saddam Hussein and Mu’ammar Qaddafi?

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What I can say is that we have three different law enforcement agencies who, in fact are working with us right now on the development of the very first criminal indictment against one of the sociopaths that architected this global campaign of terror and you will be hearing more about that between now and the 22nd of May. The crime is coming.

“And if you haven’t read the Utah filing, please do, it is extremely, extremely important and obviously, some of you are aware that… Leslie Manookian hired me and George [Wentz] – to build the case that ultimately led to the Florida decision that removed masks from airplanes.

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