Sunday, April 3, 2022

Last July, FDA's examination of the Medicare database revealed an excess of heart attacks, pulmonary emboli, and two bleeding disorders post Pfizer vaccination.

An AEI is an adverse event of special interest, in other words, one that FDA has already determined it should be seeking.  Here is what the FDA posted about it:

... near real-time surveillance detected four potential AEIs in the Medicare healthcare claims database of persons aged 65 years and older who had received the Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine. The four potential AEI are pulmonary embolism, acute myocardial infarction, immune thrombocytopenia, and disseminated intravascular coagulation. The screening methods have not identified these AEI after vaccination in persons 65 years and older who received the two other authorized COVID-19 vaccines...

FDA strongly believes that the known and potential benefits of COVID-19 vaccination greatly outweigh the known and potential risks of COVID-19. There is no need to delay vaccination while the FDA continues its investigation. 

FDA said they did not find this "signal" for the other COVID vaccines, nor did they find it in databases of (mostly) younger people.  There is no followup information on the site, despite 8 months having passed since the concern was posted.

Did you hear FDA warn about possible risks of heart attacks and blood clots in the lungs from the shots?  I didn't either.  But the VAERS data suggests there are two of the life-threatening events that seem to happen a lot more often after COVID vaccination.

Why were so many (15) vaccinated players unable to complete their matches at the Miami Tennis Open?

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Anonymous said...

I received a letter from Medicare 'encouraging me to get the shot and the booster.

It said things like "Vaccines help you and those around you to stay safe and healthy". "Now is the time ... don't wait."

They also reminded me it is FREE!!!

They begin by saying 'people with Medicare coverage are the most fully-vaccinated groups of people in the United States" That is because they spent a lot of money scaring everyone especially seniors many of whom were captives in nursing homes or other facilities.

I remember seeing Dr. Dolores Cahill say that no one should get the shot, especially those over 70 years of age. I'm glad I listened.

The info in this post does not surprise me. Thank you, Dr. Nass for posting it.