Friday, April 29, 2022

First the Medical Board, now Twitter throws their worst punishment at me--both did it because I corrected mis/disinformation

I thought all you could lose was your followers.  I had 15,000 followers.  But I also lost everyone I was following.  Guess I am done with the little bird for good--it will take too much time to recover everyone I followed.

No wonder everyone I read is moving to Substack, where so far there is no censorship.  A platform that allows free speech!  Why do we let it slide that so many others don't?

No wonder the system let Elon buy Twitter before it lost all its value.  No wonder @Jack was just fine with the deal.  Now censorship is one thing, but losing billions is something else again, right @Jack?

But I am okay with this.  Like @Jack, I believe in Karma.  What goes around comes around.  I don't need to punish anyone.  Karma will take care of it for me.  Meditate on what is coming, Mr. Dorsey.

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Anonymous said...

Consider living in Malmo area?