Sunday, February 20, 2022

Governments weigh compensation for COVID deaths and injuries/ WSJ

The Wall Street Journal admitted yesterday the vaccines may cause deaths and injuries.  Rarely of course.  (We wish it was rarely.). Excerpts below, followed by a link to an Epoch Times article about the actual injuries, and a reality check regarding the US government system to pay for injuries.  Of 3700 claims filed, not a penny has so far been paid.

“Individual vaccines will have different adverse events profiles, and people should be guided to identify early signs of adverse reaction so it can be appropriately treated,” AstraZeneca said in a statement. Oxford referred a request for comment to the AstraZeneca statement.

The U.K. government declined to comment about individual cases. June Raine, head of the U.K.’s primary medicines regulator, said in a statement that no vaccine is without risk, but that the shots’ benefits outweigh risks for most people...

Norway agreed to pay out 25 Covid-19 vaccine-injury claims as of early February. Three of those stemmed from deaths associated with the AstraZeneca vaccine and VITT, according to a spokeswoman. Of around 400 claims received so far, more than 300 are still being considered.

“The vaccines are new,” said Rolf Gunnar Jørstad, director of Norway’s agency handling the claims. A payout is appropriate if researchers have established a link between the adverse reaction and the vaccine, he said, and “there is no other probable cause or causes to the injury.”

The U.K.’s National Health Service has received more than 720 claims requesting Covid-19 vaccine-related compensation. The country’s vaccine-injury compensation program entails a one-size-fits-all cash payment of £120,000, equivalent to around $163,000. The volume of Covid-related claims has grown by about 20 a week, toward a projected 1,500 to 1,800 new claims this year, according to U.K. government projections.

“Ultimately these people were just trying to do the right thing,” said Gareth Eve, whose wife, Lisa Eve, a 44-year-old radio broadcaster who went by her given name, Lisa Shaw, died after a first dose of the AstraZeneca shot. An inquest ruled she died of complications from the vaccine, citing VITT. Mr. Eve has submitted a claim...

One claim has qualified for payment but isn’t completed. It relates to an anaphylactic reaction, or severe allergic response, to an undisclosed Covid-19 vaccine. The program “is working to process claims as quickly as possible,” the spokesman said.

Meantime, the Epoch Times yesterday featured the stories of some of those injured by the vaccines.

Of the 3700 claims submitted to the CICP for deaths and injuries due to COVID vaccines, 4 have been denied and one is being evaluated for payment. Only five cases have been adjudicated in over a year since the Pfizer, Moderna and J and J vaccines rolled out.  At this rate it will take 740 years to process all of them.

Clearly, the government is delaying issuing decisions on these cases to withhold all evidence of vaccine harm.  It simply will not admit the vaccines are causing injuries.  Here is what the USG itself says about it compensation program:

Table 1. Alleged COVID-19 Countermeasure Claims Filed as of February 1, 2022

This table displays the alleged countermeasure and alleged injury/death for each COVID-19 countermeasure claim filed as of February 1, 2022. Of the 6,540 COVID-19 countermeasure claims, 3,700 allege injuries/deaths from COVID-19 vaccines and 2,840 allege injuries/deaths from other COVID-19 countermeasures.

The CICP does not maintain its aggregated data concerning alleged countermeasures, including vaccines, by specific manufacturer or trade name.

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