Sunday, February 27, 2022

Vaccine Passports. If the vaccine does not work against the omicron variants, there is no reason to be vaccinated. Simple. But the vaccine passports are moving ahead nonetheless

The WHO will shortly convene nations and tech companies to work on an international standard for the so-called health passports, according to Politico:


The World Health Organization will convene member states and leaders of Covid-19 immunization credential technology groups to recognize different vaccine certificates across nations and regions, a top Vaccination Credential Initiative official told POLITICO’s Ben Leonard. 

The WHO is bringing together the groups to develop a “trust framework” that would allow countries to verify whether vaccine credentials are legitimate, said Brian Anderson, chief digital health physician at MITRE and a co-founder of the VCI.

However, The Conversation puts the issue more bluntly:

"Vaccine passports can be used for surveillance under the guise of public health measures." 

"... Should vaccine passports become mandatory, it is crucial for the public to distinguish between how these documents can be used to ensure public health and how they may violate an individual’s privacy and threaten their security. While details on vaccine passports may vary in different jurisdictions, we should be asking what kind of data is being collected. How and where will the data be stored? How will data be encrypted and protected from misuse or crime?

... The Chinese app also has a GPS-tracking function, which sends users’ location and an identification code to the police. The app uses colour coding — red, yellow and green — to indicate a person’s status, and whether they are qualified to enter public areas. Some people’s health code turned yellow or red without a seemingly apparent reason, implying the potential for Chinese authorities use the pretext of public health policy to restrict people’s activities.

Such practices indicates a new level of digital mass surveillance in the name of public health. As Human Rights Watch researcher Maya Wang noted, this is “one of those landmarks in the history of the spread of mass surveillance in China.” 

... Vaccine passports can and have been developing into a new tool for mass surveillance and crackdown on its opposition in totalitarian regimes..."

In my opinion, there is only one way to prevent such a system from being abused, and that is to not employ it.  There are no useful COVID vaccines.  Therefore there are no useful vaccine passports.

Might one of the reasons COVID was developed in a lab have been to enable the imposition of vaccine passports ("The better to see you with, my dear," said the Big Bad Wolf) then there is all the more reason to avoid them.

It will be important to watch what the WHO and EU do wrt these passports... both governed by apparent criminals.


Anonymous said...

Didn’t you already tell everybody this a couple years ago!?

Anonymous said...

"... The Chinese app also has a GPS-tracking function..." Apps are so 2008. Phones and their apps can be turned off, stolen, damaged,etc. And that will not make the watchers happy. I know: they can fit all of us with a chip! They can place it conveniently in your hand or your forehead. Can't be turned off, lost, or stolen. Can be used to buy and sell and other forms of surveillance.

Wait, where have I heard that before?

Anonymous said...

I think it is obvious that this entire Covid drama was not about a virus. It seems to have been a huge experiment in coordinated control of populations via the media and the medical industry for sinister purposes including conditioning the public to vaccine passports. We must resist.

I wanted to go to an art museum in a nearby city, but they are still taking your temperature at the door. Outrageous!! It is an art museum, not a medical office. My temperature is none of their business. These intrusions on our privacy are not going away. Do Not Comply!