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WHO, Gro Brundtland, the Plan to leave no one unjabbed using untested 100 day vaccines, and how portable vaccine factories will allow the entire human herd to be jabbed simultaneously--but with what?

The WHO has had a set of international health regulations (IHRs) aka a sanitary code to deal with multi-nation infectious disease outbreaks since 1969. In 2005, developed primarily under WHO Director-General Gro Harlen Brundtland, a major update was adopted, which is called the IHRs (2005). We did not know it then, but Brundtland was quite the globalist apparatchik, an inventor of sustainable development, and has worked closely with Fauci on COVID pandemic issues, as seen in FOIA’d emails.

[Brundtland was the] first female prime minister of Norway, serving for three terms (1981, 1986–89, and 1990–96), and later was director general of the World Health Organization (WHO; 1998–2003). Trained as a physician, she became identified with public health and environmental issues and with the rights of women…

In 1983 Brundtland became chair of the UN World Commission on Environment and Development, which in 1987 issued Our Common Future, the report that introduced the idea of “sustainable development” and led to the first Earth Summit. In 1998 she became director general of the WHO, where she tackled global pandemics such as AIDS and SARS; her term ended in 2003. In 2007 she became a member of the Elders, a group of world leaders that addressed human rights issues. That year, together with Han Seung-Soo, former minister of foreign affairs of South Korea, and Ricardo Lagos Escobar, a former president of Chile, she was appointed a special envoy on climate change to Ban Ki-Moon, the secretary-general of the United Nations.

While Gro turns 84 this week, she was until very recently in a key position, serving as Co-Chair of the Global Preparedness Monitoring Board with Sir Jeremy Farrar, convened by the WHO and World Bank to force its version of preparedness on the world. Gro has also been called the Mother of Sustainable Development. Maybe she actually wanted a better world once. Jeremy was “named 12th in the Fortune list of 50 World’s Greatest Leaders in 2015.” Two smooth operators.

Women Leaders Must Pave the Way Forward in Preparedness

By Dr. Gro Harlem Brundtland

As the Co-chair of The Global Preparedness Monitoring Board (GPMB), established by The World Bank and World Health Organization in 2018, I have seen first hand what the global landscape for pandemic preparedness looks like.  Last year, we launched our inaugural annual report A World At Risk, sounding the alarm about the many gaps in our preparedness, and warning of the great risk our world could experience with a highly infectious respiratory virus.

We now find ourselves in the middle of the devastating novel coronavirus crisis. Collectively, we must learn from this crisis to set forth a bold course of urgent actions that countries and our multilateral system now must swiftly take up in order for everyone’s future to be more secure. 

During this year’s UN General Assembly, the GPMB is once again calling on the world to urgently act with our new report, A World in Disorder. The report puts forward multiple calls to action for governments, multilateral stakeholders, and individuals–actions we are all responsible to take if we want to not only recover from this pandemic, but be more capable to handle the next. It is not enough to stop this pandemic currently wreaking havoc on not only our health systems, but our economic and social systems as well. We must also take this moment to build the strong, sustainable, and inclusive systems we want to see in the future to help us be prepared for the next pandemic when it undoubtedly comes. 

The SARS-CoV-2 pandemic was ginned up and coopted in order to smash small businesses, impoverish many millions, convince billions that infectious disease had suddenly become an existential threat—and thereby provide the justification to remake our world in many different ways.

The rulers bought the best public relations experts, and have continually refined the language they use to convince us we are being herded into a better tomorrow. The term ‘New World Order’ just didn’t have the right connotations. ‘Build Back Better’ made smashing our current systems sound like it was perhaps a good thing. But when leaders around the world starting saying it in unison, the people got suspicious and the term was dropped.

The current preferred terminology includes: sustainable and inclusive. And equity: which to the rulers means we all get the same justice; we are all exposed to the single narrative and we all get the remdesivir but not the ivermectin or HCQ. It is of great interest that the WHO and globalists do NOT use the word equality, which is much better understood. Equality means we are all equal. The globalists don’t want that, so they chose a word that sounds very similar but means something different, and they hope you think it means equality. Bold means we will turn your world upside-down. Urgent means before you have time to grasp what we are doing.

Sustainable means that your standard of living must drop because according to the rulers it is unsustainable. That is true if they engineer depressions, wars and such. Inclusive means you get the jab (preferably mRNA) whether you want it or not. Everyone is included. No one is allowed to opt out. That is why the enforcers are so dead-set against vaccine exemptions. [For a painful example, see the Maine legislature’s Education Committee Democrats vote in unison on April 10 against 6 bills that would allow students to opt out of vaccines.]

No one knows what will be in those future vaccines (let alone knowing what is in the current COVID vaccines), and when the promised 100-days-to-develop vaccines appear for the next pandemic, no one will be able to know whether they work nor how dangerous they are, because they will be rolled out for mass use simultaneously, all over the world. That is why it is so important to the globalists to have little vaccine factories throughout Africa and Asia, see below. So no one can escape, and everyone gets jabbed before we know how dangerous the shots are.

The person who ushered in the Coalition on Epidemic Preparedness and innovation (CEPI) 100 day vaccine promise is Sir Dr. Jeremy Farrar (aka 007 License to Overdose) who was central in planning and funding the 2 UK and WHO hydroxychloroquine overdose trials, who was central in setting up the COVID origins coverup, and has now been given the role of the WHO’s Chief Scientist, where he will play a crucial role in getting the developing world on board with this plan to force locally produced, untested vaccines on everyone.

By the way, Farrar’s boss, when he was President of the Wellcome Trust, was Baroness Eliza Manningham-Buller, Wellcome’s Chairman of the Board, Co-President of Chatham House and the former Director-General of Britain’s spy shop MI5.

The German company BioNTech, creator of one of the COVID-19 vaccines used here in the U.S., has unveiled a new tool to boost the global COVID vaccination rate: modular factories assembled from shipping containers that produce the mRNA vaccine the company makes with Pfizer. 

Later this year, they’ll be on their way to developing countries. 

The good news is that global COVID vaccine supply and manufacturing capacity are improving, said Krishna Udayakumar, who directs Duke University’s Global Health Innovation Center. 

About 60% of the world’s population has gotten at least one dose. 

“The bad news is the rollout has been incredibly inequitable — so, 10% only of people living in low-income countries have had even one dose of vaccine,” he said.

BioNTech said its first factory kits will be sent to a handful of African countries later this year, and could produce as many as 50 million doses within 12 months. 

Udayakumar said that’s a good start, but BioNTech will need to do more to really help the continent. 

“Ensuring a transfer of the equipment, the technology, that they’re also working on standing up a trained workforce, creating a supply chain,” he said….

Addendum April 16, 2:20 pm: How do you manufacture vaccines in Africa without a trained workforce? It only works if you don’t actually care about the quality of the product. If all you need is to get a certain something (premade elsewhere?) into arms, then it would not matter if the rest of the vaccine manufacturing process does not meet Good Manufacturing Process (or any other) standard. If your goal is a safe and effective vaccine, the quality of manufacturing is essential. But if your goal is simply to use the ‘vaccine’ as a delivery system to get people to voluntarily be injected with that special something, the trained workforce is unimportant.

Please take this seriously. This is probably the most dangerous thing I have ever written about. Worse than biological warfare, which needs to spread person to person and for which some will be immune.

Sending vaccine factories to Africa without a workforce who can safely use them can only be described as nefarious. It only makes sense if there is a hidden agenda.

Don’t dismiss CEPI and its plan for the 100 day vaccine. It is funded and controlled by some of the most powerful entities in the world.

And here is CEPI’s Joint Coordination Group (JCG)

Our Joint Coordination Group is a roundtable of independent institutions with an interest in seeing CEPI’s vaccines successfully developed and deployed in an outbreak.

These independent institutions play a role in various elements of the vaccine development lifecycle, from vaccine research and development all the way through to deploying vaccines during an outbreak.

Members of our Joint Coordination Group come together to discuss how we can best enhance our efforts to deliver and deploy vaccines by addressing challenges related to the research and development, regulation, stockpiling, and delivery of these products. In particular, while the group focuses on advancing our vaccine portfolio, its work also informs the broader field of vaccine development and preparedness.

Members also have a role in planning for rapid response to a priority pathogen or an unknown pathogen. Our Joint Coordination Group consists of 10 to 15 member organisations, which in turn appoint individuals to represent them at meetings.

From time to time, the group may choose to invite other organisations and experts to participate in meetings.

The current members of the Joint Coordination Group include:

The African Vaccine Regulatory Forum (AVAREF)


Developing Countries Vaccine Manufacturers Network (DCVMN) member

European Medicines Agency (EMA)

FIND, the global alliance for diagnostics

Gavi, the Vaccines Alliance

The Global Fund

International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers & Associations (IFPMA) member

International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC)

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)


US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

Wellcome Trust

World Bank

World Health Organization (WHO)

So be prepared, know what their plan is for us, and let’s work to stop these devilish plans together. More on that later today.


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Fauci Teams and Copycat Cover-ups on the Origins of Pandemics

31st May 2022 by Edward Hooper
More and more evidence indicates that the widespread debunking that the lab leak hypothesis of the origins of COVID-19 has experienced in recent times may represent a re-run of the debunking the origin of AIDS experienced some decades ago.  Indeed, several of the same members of the scientific community have taken part in both campaigns of vilification.  One of the latest articles about the origins of COVID-19 describes a Fauci team that was set up early on to discredit the hypothesis that the pandemic could have been caused by a viral leak from a laboratory.  The tactics used by the Trump Fauci teams that have taken part in the debates about how COVID and AIDS got started are characterised by ruthless attempts to disparage, discredit and deny. 

As in Stanleyville, so in Wuhan, it would seem. This simple analogy demonstrates that there is little new under the sun. It also highlights the paper-thin dividing line that can exist between glory and disaster in scientific experimentation.

EH May 31, 2022.

One of the techniques Hahn frequently uses in her arguments is to present hypothesis and speculation as if it were fact

But back to the Sorotkin article which, in its conclusion, spells out a simple but rarely-revealed truth. It declares: “The history of gain-of-function research is one of science’s most significant and troubling, especially since the Nuremberg Code, research scientists’ Hippocratic Oath, dictates that experiments that could endanger human life should only occur if the potential humanitarian benefits greatly outweigh the risks.” In Stanleyville risky experiments which fast-tracked the process of evolution were carried out by scientists who were profiting from their ability to carry out last-minute research in colonies which were about to achieve Independence. Koprowski’s group may well have been trying to develop an better polio vaccine. But in reality, it is usually a bad idea if those carrying out such research are highly ambitious scientists who are driven by the lure of profit or fame, and who lack a strong sense of sensible caution or ethical responsibility. What often results from such ego-driven efforts is disaster, denial and attempted cover-up.

But before closing, I would like to return to the article mentioned earlier by Sirotkin and Sirotkin, entitled “Might SARS-CoV-2 Have Arisen via Serial Passage through an Animal Host or Cell Culture?” [] This article uses the example of the outbreak of H1N1 Swine Flu in the 1970s, describing the virus as a “variant of the pandemic influenza virus that was genetically modified before it either leaked out of a lab or introduced as part of an attenuated vaccine trial in 1977

Dr Worobey has since performed similar flip-flops on COVID, first affecting to be open-minded about how it began, but later writing articles which were determinedly opposed to any lab leak scenario. For instance his article published in Science in December 2021, “Dissecting the early COVID-19 cases in Wuhan” investigated the earliest known COVID cases in the city from December 2019 onwards, and appeared to show that the great majority clustered around the wet market. [See:] But he unequivocally presented these findings as “strong evidence” in favour of a natural origin for SARS-CoV-2. The paper failed even to mention that several sources had identified other COVID-like cases

Fauci Teams and Copycat Cover-ups on the Origins of Pandemics

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In terms of the present COVID-origin debate, there is far more evidence of Fauci’s direct involvement with the suppression of any explanations that implicate the past actions of the US and Chinese governments.

The MMP theory proposes that the COVID-19 virus, SARS-CoV-2, originated from one of six miners who were dispatched in 2012 to clear bat guano from a mine in south-central Yunnan province, southern China. Three of the miners died with an array of unusual symptoms over the next few months. Latham and a geneticist colleague, Professor Allison Wilson, discovered that the doctor who had treated the miners later published an account of their cases as a 2013 MSc thesis, entitled “The analysis of 6 cases of severe pneumonia caused by unknown viruses”.

Latham is especially critical of Andrew Rambaut, whom he describes as “one of the world’s most cited scientists” and “a black belt in virus evolution”. None the less, he says, Rambaut has made claims on Twitter that he has authoritative evidence on certain aspects of the COVID origins debate which, when investigated further, do not stand up. The alleged published evidence simply does not exist. He asserts that tweets such as these “expose profound weaknesses in his arguments. Rambaut repeatedly misrepresented our views and ended up critiquing us for positions we don’t hold.” In some of these tweets, Latham adds, Rambaut attempted to “dismiss us as scientific naifs. It’s a form of the classic ad hominem attack. If you don’t like the message, shoot the messenger.”

Levels of proof were now demanded of the other hypothesis theories that were never demanded of the bushmeat theory. At that moment the AIDS origins debate was tilted inexorably in one direction.

A very similar thing happened at the Royal Society discussion meeting on AIDS origins in 2000 when a group of influential scientists invited (and to someextent marshalled) by the surviving meeting organisers, virologists Robin Weiss and Simon Wain-Hobson, effectively installed the bushmeat theory as thedefault theory of AIDS origin

None the less, from Fauci’s perspective the Andersen paper did its job. Latham points out that despite its many flaws, it already has 4453 citations in other medical papers. The preemptive strike by the Trump Fauci team (combined with the Daszak letter) thus effectively enshrined the “natural origin” theory of COVID as the default theory, the one to beat, even if this was done on partisan and misleading grounds. This taking of the corner ground is very important in controversial scientific debates, illustrating how Modern Science can be profoundly influenced by manipulations of this type by “experts” who are determined to promote a non-controversial or politically expedient position.

This early paper thus echoed the Daszak letter published ten days earlier in The Lancet, and seemingly had the same intention of deterring fellow scientists from believing in a laboratory origin for COVID.

Despite Andersen’s Nature Medicine paper initially being celebrated as a key paper about COVID origins, it has since attracted widespread criticism for its misleading statements and bias. Sadly, in recent years many of the most suspect papers about the origins of pandemics have been published by journals such as Nature (or its subsidiaries) and Science, illustrating just how compromised these two pillars of the scientific establishment have become. Both these august journals seem to believe that it is their obligation, and perhaps right, to make early authoritative statements on controversial subjects such as these. Unfortunately, these statements are all too often found to be intent on defending thescientific status quo at all costs, and unprepared to entertain doubts about the competence or ethical standards of specific scientists
rejected COVID ideas might have arisen in lab leak. This early paper thus echoed the Daszak letter published ten days earlier in The Lancet, and seemingly had the same intention of deterring fellow scientists from believing in a laboratory origin for COVID.

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Latham identifies 7 individual members in previous posts,4 of these 7 have a past history, in that they have previously played leading roles in attempts to debunk the non bushmeat theories of how AIDS began. I had discussions with all 4 men in 2000 & the years immediately following, when I suspected & now firmly believe that their opposition to OPV/AIDS based on erroneous analysis.They are Eddie Holmes, Andrew Rambaut, Michael Worobey & Robert Garry. At the start of the millennium the first three were all members of the Department of Zoology at the University of Oxford, where they effectively established an informal coalition in opposition Kristian Andersen lead author of a March 2020 paper that was strongly opposed to the possibility of a lab leak origin for COVID. Forth man, Robert Garry, is an American researcher who has previously criticised theories on insubstantial grounds

Fauci to be a survivor for 38 years in a highly influential post which requires delivery of public statements on many controversial issues, a scientist would need also to be a politician/administrator who could be relied upon to support establishment positions when so required.His statements about the origins of AIDS, Fauci always made it clear that he wants the bushmeat theory favored instead of theories which implicates US & backed governments

The Emperor’s New Clothes Beatrice Hahn & The Latest Mumbo Jumbo

Sadly some scientists seem to believe that by repeating an untruth often enough, you can persuade the world that it is actually true.

One such group of scientists is led by Dr Beatrice Hahn whose members seem to be much more interested in trying to earn themselves grants & glittering prizes than in actually helping us understand how the AIDS pandemic began.They just might succeed in persuading the world of the fineness of the emperor’s new clothes is that their wonky version of events happens to be one that is politically acceptable to certain governments & scientific bodies notably in the USA

Hahn announced to the press that they have found the origin of HIV, the virus that has caused the AIDS pandemic See Repeating Claims Paul Sharp. But Has the Source of HIV-1 Really Been Located? That essay quite detailed diplomatic while Hahn continues to promulgate nonsense flamboyance dressed up as proof.

There are good reasons (I will not further elaborate in this commentary) for believing in the “punctuated origin” theory, which proposes that the AIDS pandemic began.

Under Siege Steven Seagal thinks the idea that AIDS did the Ol’ Bushmeat Shuffle from monkeys to humans is the most vile lie ever told (Seagal says, thinks it’s man made)

Do we honestly think the CIA is not capable of & bent on dragging society down the slippery slope toward ever more blatant forms of fascism? If so, we had better think again, because that will be the eventual outcome if the CIA succeeds in criminalizing “certain press coverage” of its activities. Again, it cannot be emphasized enough Today, news coverage of the CIA is de facto forbidden. CJ Hopkins

Alan Cantwell MD Virus Cancer Program 1964-1980 Birthplace of AIDS Epidemic 2005
The scientists wanted to learn how to use viruses to make cancer to force normal cells to become cancerous subjecting them to viruses. We are expected to believe that two primate viruses (a retrovirus & a herpes virus) jumped species in Africa at the same time & ended up exclusively in the blood of white bi gay Americans to produce a new immunodeficiency disease in 1979, now called AIDS.This proposed scenario suggests to me that such an unlikely African event has the markings of a scientific fairy tale & I remain stupefied that such nonsense can pass for 'science' in the 21st century.
Mark Rutte Prime Minister Netherlands
ü We have been robbed of our freedoms Dr Heiko Schoning a german medical doctor Arrested for telling the truth Dr Cynthia Foster CIA?

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Dr Ahmad Malik

19 Apr
The Perseus group have produced an incredible document, backed with hard data and irrefutable facts.

Please read and share widely.
This is huge!
you have some serious questions to answer.

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