Friday, April 21, 2023

Anger and frustration are understandably at fever pitch after the last 3 years.

Unable to get retribution, some take aim at the Malones. Does this remind you of the guy who gets beaten up by his boss, then comes home and kicks the dog?

I went to Bobby Kennedy’s Presidential launch, which I will write about in the next post. But this post is not about that happy event. It is about the hurt, frustration and rage that continue to boil under the surface for many of us, unsurprisingly after the abuses we continue to suffer from this ‘plandemic.’

I heard a lot of stories at the CHD dinner the night before. There is so much pain and anger resulting from the last three years. It was palpable. It wasn’t going away. Stories about being unable to visit a relative in hospital before they died. Lost careers. Sudden deaths in vaccinated friends. A child with new onset seizures after a jab. Loads of people are still reeling from these assaults and insults. And why not? The assaults continue. The un-COVID-vaxxed still cannot work in healthcare in Maine. The (presumably vaccine-derived) deaths and injuries continue to mount, even though few are being vaccinated these days. Does it ever end?

The MSM and politicians continue to pretend the shots are safe and effective, despite contrary admissions by public health officials, which is more than infuriating.

Along with the pain was fury. People wanted justice, but they really wanted retribution. They wanted punishment for the many evildoers, and they wanted apologies from their friends and relatives who refused to let them attend family events, demanded damaging shots, stopped taking to them. But few are apologizing. No one seems to be admitting mistakes.

They wanted to take names and dole out punishments. Now, I have been posting some of the names of those responsible, and have urged others to do likewise. We definitely need the list of crimes and particulars. We have to trust there will be a future reckoning.

But what I saw in some people was an impotent rage, a boiling kettle of anger, looking for a place to aim it. A future reckoning was not going to satisfy.

The name Robert Malone surfaced yet again in a private conversation, like the proverbial bad penny. I think there are two reasons for this. One is that the globalist trolls keep stirring the pot. “When you’re taking this much flak, you know you are over the target.”

But the other reason is the burning kettle of anger looking for release now, not in some far-off future. People want a flesh and blood target, today not tomorrow, and they want to take out the anger and frustration that constantly gnaws at them.

And so I got into the discussion of what was known about the vaccine, when, and by whom? Who should have warned the public about the shots? Whose voice could have gotten through the pervasive censorship and propaganda?

So it went again: “Why didn’t Robert Malone warn us? He invented this stuff!“

Not so fast. What did he invent? A method for using RNA as a vaccine about 35 years ago, when he was a grad student in his twenties. He did not invent the methods that make the mRNA so long-lasting in the body, which is presumably a key part of what makes it so dangerous, such as the long tail, the codon optimization and the replacement of uridine by pseudouridine. He also never chose spike protein for the vaccine antigen. He happened to make an important discovery once upon a time that led in a circuitous fashion to the current vaccines.

He didn’t invent the lipids (that were never before injected into humans) and facilitate the entry into cells of the mRNA, as well as having other putative effects like immune stimulation.

Did he know the vaccines were toxic and fail to warn us? If he knew they were toxic, he and his wife would not have gotten vaccinated—but they did. That alone should end this conversation. But there has been blood in the water, and some people cannot let it go. They need an enemy. They need a target. An eye for an eye. Sometimes whose eye it is may be less important than the need to blind.

A vaccinologist, and familiar with the FDA’s requirements for using drugs and vaccines, Robert and his wife Jill (a biotech PhD) blithely trusted that they were getting a tried and true pharmaceutical product. They took the Moderna vaccine in early 2021, and didn’t give it another thought. They got their second dose. Then Robert got really sick and they started to figure things out. On a steep learning curve, they went from trusting loyal Democrats to ‘conspiracy theorists’ like me in just a few months. They started to grasp why Amazon had censored Jill’s book about COVID. By July 20221, when I met them, they were in the process of fitting the pieces together. It didn’t take that long, which impressed me: both have keen intellects and were able to logically process the facts, unlike most academic types I know.

I watched their conversion. Robert and Jill couldn’t possibly have warned us about something they didn’t know, and they were were equally victims of the so-called vaccine, just like several billion others.

When they did finally figure it out, they gave up their careers and life as they knew it to try and stop the carnage. They are immensely honorable. They are extremely hard-working. Robert’s silver tongue—his ability to explain complex things simply and calmly for lay people—and his secret weapon Jill, have led to fame but not fortune. He is one of the most valuable people in our movement. And they are good people. I wish the naysayers would do their homework and cease accusing him of things he never did, and omissions he never made.

If we are to win this war, we need to get clear on who the real enemies are, and we need to aim accordingly. Most importantly, we need to talk to each other, try to come to terms with our bruises and our anger, and find ways to release it so we can function better as the crack troops we need to be to overcome the coup we face.


Diane,S said...

It can be done. Wendell Potter is a good example of a former industry insider turned whistleblower who shared his unique insights with the American public.

Diane,S said...

It can be done. Wendell Potter is a good example of a former industry insider turned whistleblower who shared his unique insights with the American public.