Friday, August 12, 2022

Talking to your doctor about your vaccine injury. A How-to Guide/ A Miswestern Doctor

How to End Medical Blindness

In the previous parts (1, 2, 3, and 4) of this series, I have tried to illustrate potential explanations for why physicians are unable to see medical injuries and that they will frequently gaslight patients through their denial that these injuries could have occurred. The ideas I put forward only represent my best attempt to provide hypothesis that could explain the observations I have made throughout my medical career. It is very likely in the future that my perspectives on these issues will change.  I invite any critical feedback that will better elucidate a model that explains medical blindness and likewise feedback, particularly from other health care providers, on my proposed solutions to medical blindness.

When I speak with individuals who have been gaslighted by the medical field, their experiences often remind me of a lyric from a heavy metal song I heard on the radio about someone being told they will repent for the sins they had committed in life.  I normally don’t listen to this genre and I was undecided if I should include it in the article, but I feel the need to quote this song as the way it is sung represents the best depiction I have found of the medical gaslighting experience.   

The song can be listened to here, specifically at this time.  The original version of the song (more pleasant) can be listened to here, specifically at this time

The relevant lyrics are as follows:

Hear no evil
Don’t see no evil
Don’t you lay no evil down on me

You’re going to burn in h***

Speak no evil
Don’t you think no evil
Don’t you play with evil
Cause I’m free

Often when someone attempts to present the occurrence of a medical injury to a doctor, as described in the above lyrics, they are met with aggressive denial not that different from the experience a heretic would face when speaking blasphemy to those in power during the Middle Ages.  Since Allopathic Medicine has positioned itself as the religious institution of our era, it helps to explain why the same experience is repeated; challenging the sanctity of Western Medicine is not unlike denying a religion’s declaration of God.

Being someone who challenges the dogma of Allopathic Medicine in order to have a life-altering adverse event recognized is a difficult experience no matter how you dice it.  Most of the medical field has trouble being able to see the injury, many doctors don’t even want to believe it could have happened, and almost everyone seems to be ready to gaslight you into believing the adverse event never occurred, often without even realizing that is truly horrible thing to do to a patient. 

In most cases when people are being difficult and refusing to hear a different point of view, you can just accept your differences and not engage with them.  However, in this case as an injured patient, you often you have no choice but to press the issue because your livelihood depends on the adverse event being acknowledged.  To have success in this endeavor, I believe 5 areas need to be focused on:

1. Understanding where the doctor is coming from, and being able to see things from their perspective.

2. Understanding the framework they operate within and what they are able to do within it.

3. Knowing how to present yourself to the doctor so you will be listened to.

4. Knowing what to ask for and how to communicate with the doctor.

5. Knowing how to find the right doctor.

Where is the Doctor coming from?  

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