Monday, June 6, 2022

Who are the scientists [from Fauci's NIAID, Fort Detrick, WHO and Metabiota] who warned about money pox in 2010? We are being softened up for the kill.

They were setting the stage for an era of fear... and now distracting us while creating artificial shortages of fuel, fertilizer and food... softening us for the kill?

doi: 10.1073/pnas.1005769107. Epub 2010 Aug 30.

Major increase in human monkeypox incidence 30 years after smallpox vaccination campaigns cease in the Democratic Republic of Congo

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Who are these authors, who warned us about a potential resurgence of money pox in 2010?

We have Barney Graham, from Fauci's NIAID Vaccine Research Center, and scientists from USAMRIID (Fort Detrick), W.H.O. and Nathan Wolfe's organization, which evolved from a nonprofit to a highly profitable company. 

Nathan Wolfe is now best known as an associate of Peter Daszak (Nathan too is a viral profiteer working at the margins of US intelligence), a squire of Ghislaine Maxwell and a bandit whose company Metabiota interfaced between the Ukraine biolabs and Hunter Biden's Seneca company which financed them.  

I bought Wolfe's 2011 book (image below), which is subtitled, "The Dawn of a New Pandemic Age," and was surprised to find the picture on the cover was a surgical mask!  And the image of him looked very dark.  Which made sense, I guess, since he was on the Board of Ghislaine's fake charity, TerraMar.  He was also a WEF Young Global Leader. And NIH prize winner.

The take-home message is that these people were setting the stage for today’s pandemic more than ten years ago.  The Laurie Garretts, Nathan Wolfes, Peter Daszaks were softening us up, getting us prepared to be scared to death by viruses...while our autonomy, sovereignty and our possessions too are being ripped from us while we are distracted, fearing existential threats that have been blown way out of proportion.

$5 dollar a gallon gasoline?  $10?  Embargo Russian gas, create an artificial shortage, prices skyrocket and India pays a premium price to Russia for their petroleum, then refines it and sells it to Europe.

Do you think the puppet masters didn't know that an embargo would steal from you, help Russia (the ruble is up) and further enrich everyone who makes money from oil?

The same sly actors are wailing about global warming, demanding more windmills and solar panels, even though they cannot compete with the cost of oil.  This drives up the price of energy even more.

These evil actors have created artificial food and fertilizer shortages, as well as an artificial oil shortage.  They are squeezing us and playing us.  Until we stop them.

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