Thursday, April 19, 2012

Ireland: Narcolepsy rate 13 fold higher after Pandemrix/Irish Times etc.

All the Irish papers report on the government's announcement that Pandemrix swine flu vaccine is associated with many cases of narcolepsy.  

The Irish Times reported:
An official report has concluded that an increase in the sleep disorder narcolepsy among young people since 2009 is associated with the swine flu vaccine Pandemrix.
The report, commissioned by the Department of Health, found there was 13-fold higher risk of narcolepsy among children and adolescents who received the vaccine compared with unvaccinated young people.
The results are very similar to those seen in similar studies in Sweden and Finland...
Dr Holohan emphasised that vaccination was very safe. "It is important that the current vaccination programmes continue to protect children and adults against the serious consequences caused by these preventable diseases," he said. 
Yet according to the Irish Examiner
The condition is most prevalent among 13 to 19-year-olds in Ireland. In 2009 it is understood to have affected five in every 100,000.
That means that one in every 20,000 vaccinated Irish children developed a (usually severe) case of narcolepsy.  Yet it is uncertain if the swine flu shots saved any lives.  
The United States has about 80 million children.  During 2009-10, when swine flu was active for nearly the entire year (rather than a brief flu season) 282 children are reported to have died from flu (all strains of influenza).  IN 2010-11 122 US children are reported to have died from flu (all forms).   In 2011-12 a total of 13 (thirteen) children are reported to have died from flu.

On average, in each of the last three years in the US, 1.7 children per million died from influenza (swine flu and other types).

In Ireland, 50 children per million who received Pandemrix vaccine developed narcolepsy.  Would you call that "very safe"?  I'd like to see Dr. Holohan's risk-benefit analysis.  And how would he comment on preventable vaccine injuries from untested vaccines?


Anonymous said...

Pandemrix contains more squalene than any other vaccine on the market. Squalene is in many foods, but is extremely dangerous when injected. According to independent researchers it increases risk of autoimmune diseases when injected. It is regularly used to induce autoimmune diseases in lab rats.
Narcolepsy is an autoimmune disease.
The increased risk of narcolepsy should therefore have been expected.

Anonymous said...

Jane Burgermeister - pandemic update 25 June 2012

IMO her facts are right on. This $hit is not going away. ALL the major players are ALL IN.

Our only chance is the truth. Please spread this far and wide.

The H1N1 ingredient in European "vaccines" causing the most damage IMO is squalene. It was not in USA approved vaccines last I checked but is sure IMO to come. Squalene was in some Canadian "vaccines"; the deadly PANDEMRIX “vaccine” for one.

NO ONE needs a "vaccine" for ANYTHING. The more they pump the fear the more convinced I become the H5N1 will be transferred into most humans via NEEDLES.

NO NEEDLES, NO TIME, for NOTHING. Bad grammar for emphasis.