Monday, April 23, 2012

Another request for inquest for David Kelly

From Dr. Stephen Frost, one of the doctors making this request of the Attorney General:
I am one of the doctors who have been fighting for an inquest into the suspicious death of Dr David Kelly in July 2003, pointing out that due process of the law has been subverted by four successive UK governments, including the present, by their not allowing, using a variety of highly dubious tactics, the legally required inquest to take place.  
Because of the increasingly obvious anxiety, even desperation, of successive governments to block a formal inquest and the disingenuous reasons given for not holding an inquest, many fear that there has been a cover-up of epic proportions and many others have wondered what it is that is so important to hide that precludes an inquest taking place.
There are some who suspect that Dr Kelly was murdered and of course without an inquest that possibility has not been excluded.  If he was murdered by the state, or with the knowledge of the state, and the murder has been covered up, that would constitute criminalization of the state and would fatally undermine trust, and the notion of democracy, and the delicate relationship of those who govern and those who allow themselves to be governed.
In normal circumstances, in England and Wales, a coroner holds an inquest into a suspicious death.  There appears to be no intention to hold an inquest into the death of Dr David Kelly.  This is a unique and unacceptable state of affairs.  At medical school we were taught that without coroners and inquests nobody is safe.  The Coroner speaks for the dead to protect the living...

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brian in the tamar valley said...

Thank you for posting this Meryl!

If readers click on Stephen's name they will see the rest of the article consisting of the application to the Attorney General and covering letter.

The application, amongst other things, clearly demonstrates that the body was moved by a third party following its discovery by the two volunteer searchers and that therefore Lord Hutton's opinion that Dr Kelly committed suicide isn't safe. The Attorney General has previously vehemently denied the fact that the body was moved.

I invite readers to come to their own conclusions!