Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Unused German swine flu vaccine goes up in smoke (about 250 million Euros worth)/ The Local

... But the [2009 swine] flu was much milder than expected, and this, combined with safety fears over the new vaccine, led to only around seven percent of Germans opting to get the vaccine.
Germany actually purchased two different types of swine flu vaccine:  one with a novel adjuvant (that used less antigen and instead included a novel booster) and one without.  The one without the vaccine booster (a.k.a. novel adjuvant) was purchased for government officials and the military.  Not many ordinary Germans wanted the boosted, second class version that had been designated for them.  Other European countries generally purchased only one vaccine:  the one with the new adjuvant.  However, Poland bought neither, noting that the waiver of liability for vaccine injuries or vaccine failure demanded by the vaccine manufacturers was unacceptable.

The US government bought lots of novel adjuvant, but in the end chose not to use it in the swine flu vaccine.  Don't worry:  it remains in the stockpile, ready for the next dire (or not) threat.

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