Thursday, November 3, 2011

High Court judge will hear call for inquest on Dr David Kelly's death/ Daily Mail

The death of Dr David Kelly is to be examined at the High Court next month after a senior judge ordered a special hearing as part of  his review of the case.
Mr Justice Kenneth Parker is considering an application from retired West Country surgeon David Halpin to challenge the Government’s decision this summer not to hold a coroner’s inquest...


Vronsky said...

Keep plugging away at the anthrax, Meryl - there are signs that the facade is beginning to crumble.

Over here, the people pursuing the Kelly case won't relent, and in Scotland there are signs that the conviction of Megrahi for the Lockerbie bombing is also falling apart. Today a leading Scottish 'newspaper' carries a story that maybe the Syrians did Lockerbie. With Libya gutted and Megrahi unlikely to be seen alive again, the enemies du jour are now Iran and Syria, but I think this is more than wardrums for the next invasion - oops, I mean 'humanitarian intervention'. The Herald would not normally print a story potentially damaging to the Labour party in Scotland, so they must now be judging that the National Party (in power) would take most damage from this revelation. Which means the story has legs, and the truth might out. A bit of it, anyway - I can't see them admitting that three Scottish judges were bought by the CIA.

Vronsky said...

Meant to mention: on the Herald website, if you press the escape key as the story is loading you will avoid the need to register in order to read it.