Thursday, April 22, 2010

OPINION: Anthrax letters: Was Bruce Ivins hounded to death?/ UPI

Op-Ed piece by Col. Lawrence Sellin, Ret.
...Reinforced by a number of armchair detectives from academia, the FBI produced a profile of the anthrax mailer who was described as a lone person living within the United States, who had experience working in labs and was smart enough to produce a highly refined and deadly product.  He is a non-confrontational person, at least in his public life. He lacks the personal skills necessary to confront others. He chooses to confront his problems "long distance" and not face-to-face. He may hold grudges for a long time, vowing that he will get even with "them" one day and prefers being by himself more often than not.

In other words, Ted Kaczynski with germs...


Anonymous said...

Yes, it seems it isn't only the generals who fight the last war: federal investigators also try to shoe-horn the personal characteristics of the last major culprit they dealt with into the present unsolved case.

That said, the profile might not be TOO far wrong. It is just a shame that no one noticed how little this profile applies to Bruce Ivins:

1)a)Kaczynski lived in a shack in rural Montana, a hermit.

b) Ivins worked, on a daily basis, with several, if not several dozen, scientist-colleagues at USAMRIID, many on a daily basis and lived with his wife and children in Fredrick. He was active in his church and was a (?Red Cross?) volunteer. Some hermit.

2)a) Kaczynski had dropped out of society DECADES before his apprehension. He had abandoned his career as a professor of mathematics.

b)Ivins had had a very successful career prior to September of 2001 and seemed to bear no grudge against society.

3)a) Kaczynski had (has?) an odd, perhaps idiosyncratic anti-technology ideology.

b) Ivins' politics seem to have been strictly mainstream.


Ellen Byrne said...

Of course he was hounded as was Dr. Hatfill: