Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Anthrax War Book Launch

Launch Party:  ANTHRAX WAR

By Bob Coen and Eric Nadler

May 3,   7pm

Melville House Bookstore

Come celebrate the paperback release of Anthrax War: Dead Silence . . . Fear and Terror on the Anthrax Trail by Bob Coen and Eric Nadler.
An in-depth look into the new biological arms race, Dead Silence conveys the inside story of the U.S. anthrax attacks and their connection to the existence of a frightening global germ warfare underworld. Coen and Nadler’s investigations take them across four continents and inside classified labs, revealing a web of secrecy, corporate greed, and global manipulation.
Author talk, Q&A -- with beer and wine followed by a screening of the documentary film the book is based on. 

Buy the book here.
@ The Melville House Bookstore
145 Plymouth Street in DUMBO, Brooklyn. (Corner of Plymouth and Pearl).


Nadleric said...

Thank you Meryl. All people of good will welcome. Gifts to first 20 in the door!

Anonymous said...

Dr. Nass,

In pursuing some further online research about the 2001 anthrax attacks (it having become obvious to me, like many other informed observers, that the FBI has now caused the death of at least one innocent man and been successfully sued for its efforts to railroad another....) I came upon this very good article, detailing the intriguing history of Bioporte. Bioporte manufactured the anthrax vaccine which seems to have been the major cause of Gulf War Syndrome. A list of the founders and owners should be of some interest to Eric Holder, assuming he has some courage. I thought the article might also be of some interest to your other readers:


November, 2000: The Hartford Courant reveals that BioPort has failed to track deadly reactions in people receiving its anthrax vaccine, including deaths. Approximately 1,200 servicemen and women have had severe reactions, with some deaths traceable to the vaccine. US Rep. Christopher Shays of Ct. accuses BioPort of indifference to the dangers of its product: "Good men and women willing to serve and die for their country are being made needlessly ill."

July 2001: FDA gives BioPort the go-ahead to use quarantined lots of anthrax vaccine on the public in the event of an attack -in essence, giving the company permission to dump potentially dangerous vaccines that had failed to pass inspections on Americans, and pocketing otherwise lost profits. Petition started to demand BioPort destroy these potentially lethal vaccines.

August 2001: White house starts passing out Cipro to staff. Recipients reportedly include Cheney and Bush

September 2001: Associated Press suggests that Battelle Memorial Institute in West Jefferson, Ohio is engaged in "Operation Jefferson," a secret project in which "a new and highly lethal strain of anthrax" was being developed at its labs. Around this same time, Battelle hired an anthrax expert, William C. Patrick III, to determine the ways, means, and results of mailing powdered anthrax through the post. Battelle is reputed to have a "working relationship" with BioPort. Battelle and Bioport, who have a "working relationship" are considered the real "chief suspects" by some.

Anonymous said...

Here is part two of the two part story, bringing in the wrinkle of Bayer and Cipro:


Scarier by far is the prospect that the corporations colluding with the government are also colluding with each other, spreading the greasy largesse as far as it can be spread. I broke the story last year (Unkown News Oct 15) about how the government had named Cipro as the "only approved treatment" for anthrax just as Bayer's patent on its cash cow Prozac was due to run out -just weeks before the anthrax attacks. Is it too much of a stretch to imagine that a person or persons unknown working for a beltway bandit engaged in an anthrax biodefense project might arrange an attack as a way to send Bayer stock soaring through the ceiling in a very short time? Look at all the corporate outrages that have come to light in the past several months...It wouldn't surprise me if they were just the cleanest tip of a very dirty iceberg. I find it more than a bit suspicious that many folks in the administration, including, it is alleged, Bush and Aschroft, started taking Cipro BEFORE the attacks.