Saturday, September 2, 2023

The Associated Press, incensed that a tweet of me speaking about the WHO and the "soft coup" we are undergoing got more than 5 million views, writes a HIT Piece on me

The author is Melissa Goldin, who specializes in the "fact check" genre

Now let’s examine her clarity, comprehensiveness and accuracy. Her talent for document analysis seems to fall short of actually reading the documents. By the way, someone should teach her arithmetic. If she went to work for the AP in July 2022, she has only worked for them 1 year and 1 month to 1 year and 2 months.

Oh, she works in partnership with social media companies. I thought that was a clear conflict of interest for journalists. But that would be elevating her genre to journalism, which I am not sure it is. So let’s see what she wrote and how it comports with reality.

Straw Man #1: I am not a WHO representative. Who said I was? Not me, not anyone else I know. I have not seen a single edit that makes it appear I am speaking for the WHO. Why was her story titled like that? Why am I am “woman” and not a “Dr.” or “Speaker”?

Not only is the title misleading, her claim, the first line in her piece, is a double fabrication. Is she a journalist or a fiction writer? I told her the slides I showed had the references—the slide provided the current version of the proposed WHO amendments that removed human rights. She does not like doing her homework, it seems.

AP’s assessment is that I don’t work for the WHO. Duh! I was not speaking for the WHO. Double Duh!

The conference at which I spoke, in the European Parliament, included about 40 speakers. She claims some—all—who? are “known for spreading COVID-19 misinformation. Which ones? Our fabricator avoids any specifics. The conference was the International COVID Summit. Fake news journo Goldin says my ”credentials are not mentioned” when they were on the slides and I referred to myself as Dr. Meryl Nass at the start of the talk. Hello? The program had them as well.

“Alleged evidence”—I claimed “a WHO Treaty is part of this plan.” Which part is merely alleged? There is a WHO Treaty for Pandemic Preparedness I spoke of. Here is the latest draft, which surfaced a month after I gave this talk in early May (after I called attention to the removal of human rights language) suddenly adding back the human rights that had been removed from the draft WHO Amendments. When I gave this talk all drafts of the treaty and IHR amendments had removed human rights protections. Check them out, Melissa. Oh, I forgot. You don’t read treaties.

Another trick Melissa used is to downgrade the popularity of the tweets that include some or all of my 5 minute speech. The “WTF am I hearing” tweet had over 1.5 million views several days ago, and a 2:48 sec tweet had over 2.7 million views on Aug 1 when I took the screen shot below. BTW that blue name tag I was wearing provided full identification for both me and the venue.

Melissa: yes, my license was initially suspended for spreading misinformation. But I was not TRIED for spreading misinformation, because the Maine Medical Board, unlike you, understood we had a First Amendment and was not willing to litigate against it. So all misinformation charges were dropped before my hearing started.

It is so sad that so-called journalists are the ones trying to destroy freedom of speech and of the press. Think about it, Melissa. ChatGPT can already do what you do: pose as a journalist. Your brand of fantasy isn’t going to last long—due to a unique political climate you obtained a few short years to spread your venom. Then what will you do? Chambermaid? Take stock. Develop self-respect. Get an honest job.

Not only has the treaty not been ratified, it does not yet exist in final form. It has not been voted on. Once it passes, all countries that voted for it will be obliged to follow its dictates. It will take at least 3 years, once a nation is a party to the treaty for it to get out from under the treaty’s provisions. In its current form, the treaty does not require a declaration of a pandemic; it will be in force continuously. Unlike Melissa’s fabrications (she told me she was not going to read the treaty draft and her “fact-check” displays her gross lack of knowledge) there is an enforcement mechanism: nations are required to establish a “focal point” to enforce the provisions and report back to the WHO. In addition, a Conference of the Parties and another WHO Bureau are to be formed, which may add additional enforcement mechanisms. The treaty definitely will overrule national policies, regardless of what her AP has reported—at least in its current draft it will. Here’s how:

BTW I never said the WHO itself was planning a coup. I did not say who the planners were, but I explained how WHO draft documents and policies fit into the overall framework.

I’m soooo relieved that the WHO press office confirmed to Melissa they were not plotting a coup!

Here is my earlier substack with the entire International COVID Summit video and the complete set of my slides used in the presentation:

Here are versions of the tweet (there are dozens, none of which I created) that so incensed the AP reporter:



The tik tok “Bro” version

Full disclosure: ANYONE WHO TANGLES WITH ME WILL GET A VOLLEY OF TRUTH BOMBS BACK. Your fake news will blow up in your face. My Sun, Moon and Mars are in Aries, which astrologically makes me a super warrior. I welcome debate and challenge.  

Associated Press: Next time, please send your A team.

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