Tuesday, May 9, 2023

The US Government paid the College of Ob-Gyns over $11 million to force COVID vaccines on unsuspecting pregnant women

What do you call such a heinous crime? How can the conspirators be brought to justice?

The US government knew by February 2021 at the latest about the disaster the shot was, especially when used during pregnancy. But it carried on nonetheless. As did its ‘bought’ handmaiden (the ACOG) and so many other ‘bought’ organizations.

Please help crowdsource the investigation into the thousands of other entities that were paid off by the US government to overwhelm us with all kinds of pressure to induce us to be vaccinated with dangerous experimental products. These quid pro quos must be uncovered. This was wanton criminality. Thanks.

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John said...

Notice my comment in support were removed

Meryl Nass – Robert F Kennedy Jr anti-vaccine acolyte – medical license suspended

Chris Preston
a year ago
Nass was a fairly easy case for the Maine Board. She may have been reported for spreading mis-information about COVID-19, but the initial investigation identified that she had not been practicing medicine in a way safe to her patients. This included prescribing treatments not recognised for the condition, lying to pharmacists about the diagnosis in order to obtain drugs, inadequate patient records, diagnosing patients without sufficient examination and releasing patient information to people who were not authorised to receive it.

Nass was a danger in her treatment of patients as well as her misinformation about COVID-19.

Being a consultant for Kennedy's anti-vaccine organisation should have been a red flag as well.

a year ago

Did not know comment had been removed until Sunday May 14, 2023
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a year ago
This a very misguided say almost crooked propaganda article authors aware of it.
There are huge number of physicians with way more patients prescribing way more similar meds comparatively seasoned physician Dr Nass MD little case load highly well versed on the horrible state of affairs destroying medicine that this horrible write up endorses.
So discriminatory as multitude of scientists physicians doing this ever so much more so without these hindrances as bs author certainly knows along with these many physician likewise all may prescribe off label.
Further these patients to my understanding are not filing complaints!
This horrible author of this baloney bs comes to mind if not computer generated disgusting program &/or individuals it or who lack any basic reasoning devoid of any kindness too in this totally bull baloney fictional while we’re under more biowars with 2 yrs of bs in this BioWar what a creepy skeptical raptor! Speaks for more then itself on supercreep phony skeptical raptor!