Thursday, November 3, 2022

Kangaroo Kourt: Kristina Borjesson featured an hour of my hearing, demonstrating what a bizarre prosecution it is.

In this first hour of the second day of hearings held by the Maine Board of Licensure in Medicine in the matter of their suspension of Dr. Meryl Nass’s medical license, Dr. Nass, under questioning by her lawyer, describes a Kafkaesque series of events that led to her being charged with incompetence, fraud and various other unethical activities related to her treatment of three covid patients, and to the suspension of her license.

During her testimony, Dr. Nass reveals that the three patients had no complaints about their treatment and will be testifying on her behalf before the Board. This and other information revealed in this hour raises serious questions about the integrity of both the Board of Licensure in Medicine and the hearings.



Anonymous said...

Stunning to observe you with your good lawyer doing "battle" with this under educated, indoctrinated, cover-my-ass group of docs. Whether you prevail or not, at least one of those attendees, or a physician sitting at home observing is learning something old about being a physician, which you are teaching them from your heart. Bravo.

Anonymous said...


Incontestable Proof that Covid-19 Jabs are a Dangerous, Reckless Fraud and more Dangerous than the Disease

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc

No Heroes, Plenty of Villains

Dr Vernon Coleman

A top level professional cyclist called Sonny Colbrelli has been forced to retire at the age of 32 because he needed to have a defibrillator fitted. The Italian cyclist collapsed with unstable cardiac arrhythmia after a stage of a race last spring. I have no idea whether or not he was jabbed with the covid-19 jab. He is not, of course, the only professional sportsman to have suddenly developed unexpected heart trouble. The media will doubtless find all sorts of explanations for this epidemic. The one certainty is that they will not even consider the possibility that any of these sportsmen could have possibly been damaged by the covid-19 jab.

When the medical authorities get their claws into a doctor who is accused of telling the truth about covid-19 or the covid-19 jab they usually begin by insisting that the doctor be examined by a psychiatrist. The doctor will be asked if they could have been mentally ill when they questioned the information provided by the drug companies and their government. The implication will be that if the doctor was having an insane interlude they will be forgiven their lapse. However, it doesn’t work that way. The minute the accused doctor says he was insane to have criticised Pfizer or whoever, the disciplinary authorities will leap up and down, cackling and pointing fingers. `Got you!’ they will cry. And the doctor will then lose their licence for being insane.

The radio host who lost his Spotify income because he interviewed me is suing Spotify. I very much hope he wins.

Marks and Spencer (which was tough on the lockdown restrictions) is now renting out clothes so that customers don’t have to buy them. They are clearly in step with Schwab’s policy of `you will own nothing and be happy’. The rental schemes are being introduced because when we’re all living in tiny cardboard flats there won’t be any room for wardrobes.

It will come as no surprise to anyone with a brain that Google and YouTube have done a deal with the World Health Organisation. The WHO now controls the content of the rubbish on YouTube and will, in future, be in charge of films about roller skating rodents and idiots leaping off ladders onto concrete. Since YouTube has for two years been acting as the propaganda unit for the WHO, and suppressing medical truths, the new relationship will make no difference to the availability of information about covid-19 and covid-19 jabs. One thing puzzles me. Book burning is widely regarded as a BAD thing. What is the difference between burning books to suppressing information and deleting videos to suppress information? It seems to me that there are plenty of Nazis left in the world – with many of them are gainfully employed by YouTube. Is it true that it is possible to identify all YouTube employees by their jackboots and funny little moustaches? I don’t believe this. Some YouTube employees will probably be male.

I read an article in The Telegraph the other day in which a journalist seemed to express the view that ventilators, masks, covid-19 jabs and the lockdown saved lives during the fearful faux pandemic of whenever it was supposed to happen. Trying to share the truth is exhausting when journalists still appear to believe this stuff. A recent survey showed that over 50% of the population believe that everyone should wear masks on public transport. Anyone who wears a mask to protect themselves against the flu is too stupid to be allowed out alone.