Friday, September 30, 2022

Nordstream 1-2's four explosions: CIA's WaPo makes the claim that Russia shot its own golden goose

And exploded its leverage over Europe. Can anyone take this seriously?

Just because both Joe Biden and State Department diplomat Victoria Nuland (who came to fame when, in 2014, she insisted to the US’ ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt that it would be the US’ choice of who ran Ukraine, not Europe’s choice [“Fuck the EU”] in a leaked phone call) — threatened to disable the Nordstream pipelines, well, that doesn’t mean the US government is guilty. There isn’t any evidence, is there?

“Nuland said on video, on January 27, 2022, “If Russia invades Ukraine, one way or another, NordStream 2 will not move forward.” You can also watch her on Twitter.

Nuland’s husband is the equally loathesome Robert Kagan, cofounder of the 1998 Project for a New American Century. Her father, believe it or not, was a famous bioethicist and surgeon. The apple fell far from the tree.

What does today’s WaPo say?

Nord Stream spill could be biggest methane leak ever but not catastrophic

“so much methane spewing into the atmosphere… several hundred thousand tons from the pipelines” and the effect on climate is unclear.

“Paul Balcombe, a senior lecturer in chemical engineering and renewable energy at London’s Queen Mary University, called it a “really potent greenhouse gas” and said that “even a little leak has quite a climate impact.”

Swedish monitoring stations that measure local atmospheric concentrations of greenhouse gases have reported spikes since the pipeline burst, with the methane concentration 20 to 25 percent higher than usual, “which is quite remarkable compared with our long-term data series,” Thomas Holst, a researcher at Lund University in Sweden, told The Washington Post in an email, while maintaining it was not enough to pose a health risk.

Despite the size of the leak, it isn’t likely to affect marine life in the way an oil leak might, said Jasmin Cooper, a research associate at the Sustainable Gas Institute. “The environmental impact will be toward global warming.”

Danish officials said Wednesday that they anticipate both pipelines being empty by Sunday, as more than half of the gas had already been released. Once the gas is gone, they said, scientists and security officials will have better access to the site, which has been limited because of safety concerns.

Really? We have robotic vehicles that travel along the ocean floor. I happen to have met one of the designers of such vehicles. We have small submarines. We have underwater cameras/drones. You mean to tell me no one has sent any of these devices down to look at the site? To collect what is left of the munitions? To plant evidence? Who believes this trash?

Arms experts say it is difficult to guess what kind of munition might have caused the damage. It is possible that a torpedo was used, but it is more likely that divers or an autonomous underwater vehicle put one or more demolition charges on each site. To identify the weapon or weapons used, more evidence — including additional sensor data, as well as physical evidence such as munition remnants — would be required.

With the consensus among European leaders that sabotage was involved, suspicion is increasingly falling on Russia, which has used energy supplies as leverage against Europe since the invasion of Ukraine.

Two senior officials with two European security services said Russia remains a main suspect because it has the technical means to carry out subsurface attacks on key infrastructure and has demonstrated its determination to destabilize energy markets in Europe.

The officials, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the subject, emphasized that these are preliminary, analytic conclusions with no evidence emerging so far to implicate Moscow.

Notice how the article does not say that the pipes were owned by Gazprom to ship Russian natural gas to Europe, which would earn Russia a considerable sum. Nor does the article say that it cost Russia probably billions to install the pipelines. Nor does it say that the ability to provide or withhold gas from Germany gave Russia incredible leverage over the country.

Now, you don’t suspect the US or UK or NATO (hard to separate them) wanted to end Germany’s dependence on Russia, and raise the price of energy (the US is the #2 energy producing country in the world, after China and right before Russia, believe it or not)? Loss of the pipelines for now will keep energy prices up, which is actually good for China, the US and Russia. Saudi Arabia is #4.

It is strange that energy prices have gone so crazy in Europe for months, while in the US, they have not even doubled, and have been coming down recently. What controls energy markets in Europe?

I also want to point out that whoever did this was apparently not at all concerned that the biggest methane spill in history of a greenhouse gas would worsen so-called climate change.

What did the NY Times have to say?

Re the climate impact:

As of Wednesday, more than half of the fuel that was in the pipelines had leaked out, according to Kristoffer Böttzauw, the head of the Danish Energy Agency. By Sunday, it could all be gone.

The toll from the leaks could amount to the equivalent of 32 percent of Denmark’s annual emissions, Mr. Böttzauw said, adding, “There is a significant climate impact because methane is many times more damaging to the climate than CO2.”

What did the Times say about whodunnit?

Speculation has pointed to Russia, whose state-controlled energy company, Gazprom, is the main owner of the pipelines. A spokesman for President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia, Dmitri S. Peskov, dismissed allegations of Russian involvement as “stupid” and pointed a finger at the United States.

That is what I would have said, too. The allegation is simply stupid.

At least the Times provides some context and history.

Nord Stream 1, which began operating in 2011, was until recently the main conduit for bringing gas to Germany — enough to supply more than half of the country’s annual consumption and still pass some along to its neighbors. The pipeline is roughly 760 miles long, most of it underwater.

Construction was completed last year on the second line, Nord Stream 2, which was intended to double those flows, providing a big, modern line into northwest Europe. But it never became fully operational: The German government shelved the project in February, just as Russia began to invade Ukraine.

The German government was the cause of the energy deficit for Germany’s populace. How have the crooks who planned to ration energy stayed in office?

Even though European countries have cut back their consumption of natural gas in response to high prices and entreaties from their governments, the fuel remains of vital importance for heating homes and keeping businesses running.

… on the surface, it is unclear why Moscow would seek to damage installations that cost Gazprom billions of dollars to build and maintain. The leaks are expected to delay any possibility of receiving revenue from fuel going through the pipes.

On the other hand, the natural gas market is spooked, which helps Russia by raising the price of its gas. On Monday, prices for European gas futures had fallen by nearly half from their high in August. After news of the leaks, they rose nearly 20 percent to about 205 euros (or $191) per megawatt-hour, roughly five times the level of a year ago.

So, who exactly controls Europe’s energy markets?

The US dollar has dropped about 3% from its high right after the explosions. Knowing about the explosions ahead of time could have made a lot of money for currency speculators as well as those selling energy. Current oil price is about $80/barrel in the US, nothing special. Check out oil prices over the past 70 years, inflation-adjusted, here.

It may not be a coincidence that a conduit from Norway to Poland known as the Baltic Pipe was opened on Tuesday. It was conceived to ease Warsaw’s dependence on Russia and passes close to where the leaks are.

So North Sea energy was already planned to help ease the demand.

Finally, the Times concludes its article with the nonsensical innuendo that Russia is attacking Ukraine’s energy grid (and even the nuclear power plant the Russians themselves control) and the Nordstream attacks could be related. Duh?

Why am I paying for these newspaper subscriptions? So you and I can hear the propaganda from the horse’s mouth. So we can study the globalists’ words, learn to read between the lines, and teach others how the propaganda works.

Good night, my friends.


Anonymous said...

The NYT, WAPO and the governments trying to blame Russia just shows how stupid they think the people are.

Also, this nation state terrorist attack shows that the US governemnt has no problem at all with blowing massive amounts of dangerous methane into the greenhouse. Maybe, just maybe "climate" is a lie after all?

Suddenly, the theories the government themselve was behind the 9/11-attacks doesn't sound so crazy anymore.

What shocks me MOST, as a German, is that the US just destroyed the German economy, and thus the German society, and thus the EU, and thus the future of hundreds of millions of people. Because of 4 Russian provinces in the east of Ukraine.

Anonymous said...

Russia could have just shut the Valve's off, if they wanted to?

Plus Russia why destroy the Pipe Line they would benefit from?

Follow the Money who benefits, who has a history with Ukraine on Natural Gas?

The Biden family, it appears USA may be the Guilty party?

KRolson said...

I really would like to see the little green nazi's face in Ukraine when he finds out that he just lost the support of Germany.

The German national election held last year must be completely re-run in the city of Berlin as a result of multiple discrepancies plaguing the result, a court in the city has said. There is no way possible that Olaf Scholz stays in office and no way the citizens of Berlin will vote for anyone supporting Germany's further involvement in Ukraine.