Thursday, July 7, 2022

Ramping up the Moneypox fears. The new fomite scare

An article published in Eurosurveillance says that surfaces in isolation rooms of moneypox patients were sampled, and they found virus all over the room and bathroom.  Not only were PCR tests positive, but viable virus was able to be cultured on Vero (african green monkey kidney) cells.  Highest viral counts were found on the toilet and another bathroom object

Okay, but there is a big BUT:  moneypox has never before been reported to be spread via surfaces, called fomites in medical jargon: inanimate objects that harbor virus.

So before you stop using public toilets, calm down.  It is great the study was done and published.

But it is totally unclear whether this has any significance to anyone, yet.  It is unlikely to mean much.

And I promise you that a moneypox outbreak did not start on 4 continents simultaneously from toilet seats, when it has been shown to be a strain closest to one sequenced in Israel and 3 other countries in 2018.  In other words, it is almost certainly of lab origin.

Finally, f you want to beat yourself over the head, repeating our fascination with the COVID tracking websites, and follow the CDC's monkeypox tracking system, which identifies over 7,000 cases worldwide today, here is the link.


Anonymous said...

Another very good tracking to play with the numbers;

Anonymous said...

Absolutely, positively, indubitably of lab origin.

Somewhere along the way, the masters of these condemics figured out the means to launch their malwares on demand, as effectively as turning on a switch. I wish more information would come to light that demonstrates how they have been able to accomplish this.

Now that the RU/UA news cycle has just about run its course -- the media will now be compelled to throw a blanket over the enormous magnitude of Russian victory -- the condemic fear narrative is being stoked anew. Omicron is being rebranded as "Centaurus". Meanwhile, Honkeypox is running right on schedule.

Anonymous said...

Honkeypox? You mean Donkeypox!

Anonymous said...

No, I do mean honkeypox -- as it's meant for us honkeys.

Anonymous said...

The term "moneypox" is ok but misses it just a bit. Those who are running this op already have more money than god. So they are doing it for other reasons. Primarily power and control.

"Honkeypox" tells us who their latest creation was designed for -- not just for Africans anymore. And as we shall soon see, the same enablers, voices, and hairdos pushing this narrative to the masses will share that same certain privileged and gasping mindlessness of, sorry to say, honkeys.