Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Syria's chemical weapons attack(s) an Erdogan False Flag/ Seymour Hersh

Seymour Hersh provides a very plausible deconstruction of how chemical weapons were used in an attempt to draw the United States into military engagement with Syria last year---by the Turkish government in cahoots with anti-Assad Syrian rebels. Hopefully you have heard about the leaked YouTube audiotape in which planning for a Syria false flag attack is discussed.  It did not get much mainstream press, though both Voice of America and RT carried the story.

Last September I blogged about possible transfers of weapons located in Libya to Syrian rebels, particularly surface-to-air missiles (SAMs).  This seemed related to the Benghazi consulate takeover. Hersh provides more details on this, though much remains unknown.

Hersh pays close attention to what we knew and when did we know it--and what did the administration do about it.  An important read.

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