Monday, July 29, 2013

5th Anniversary of Bruce Ivins' Death is Today, July 29/ Frederick News-Post

The paper representing Maryland's second largest city is featuring two articles (here and here) skeptical of Ivins' role in the anthrax letters.

It also created a site for readers to vote whether they believe Ivins was responsible for the anthrax attacks, or not.  Right now, only 27% think Ivins was the perpetrator.

And now that we know a lot more about the extent of government surveillance on "ordinary American citizens", it seems we can safely assume Ivins was under pretty complete 24/7 surveillance.  And that his phone calls and emails were probably all scooped up from even before 9/11/01.

The fact that after the FBI's most expensive and detailed investigation in history, burnished by all the intel the NSA could provide, there was still no real evidence linking Ivins to the crime -- well, that is probably a very good reason to exonerate him.


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