Monday, June 6, 2011

More on the bureaucratic challenges of injecting children " with no clear benefit" with anthrax vaccine/DHHS

See here for a detailed discussion of the expanding anthrax vaccine stockpile, vaccine maker Emergent Biosolutions, and the illegality of shooting up children with an anthrax vaccine potion that is too dangerous for adults.


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Anonymous said...

Since there is no vaccine that protects against aerosolized/weaponized anthrax, and natural anthrax is seldom contracted by humans and is treatable with prompt antibiotic administration, what is the point of using children for yet another guinea pig vaccine trial ? What about all those "children's rights" we hear about from child protective service organizations and the judicial system, on the part of the government and the United Nations ?

I take it that those who are named in this document are going to "sacrifice" their children first ?