Sunday, May 1, 2011

Vaccine Ingredients: a list

There was a lot of interest in my discussion of the benefit of knowing the ingredients in vaccines.  There was further interest in what these ingredients are.  I have therefore annotated a CDC-derived ingredient list for vaccines by highlighting those ingredients derived from animals or humans, and circling in red those ingredients obtained from a human fetal cell line, MRC-5, derived from lung fibroblasts.  Click HERE for the annotated list.

UPDATE:  And here is a second list of vaccines containing human cell ingredients, provided by the National Vaccine Information Center, that appears more complete than the list I posted earlier and the information comes directly from the package inserts:
Which vaccines contain human protein and DNA?

The information in this table is drawn from vaccine package inserts downloaded from the FDA website.  The Vaccine Ingredients Calculator, following the lead of the package inserts, treats each source of human protein and DNA as a distinct ingredient.

A recent CBS News Investigates article quotes a former senior scientist at a pharmaceutical firm who claims that human tissue is currently used in 23 vaccines; however, we adhere strictly to the vaccine package inserts from the FDA as our ingredient data source and cannot confirm nor deny this claim.

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