Wednesday, May 5, 2010

WA launches flu vaccine inquiry / Sydney Morning Herald

From the SMH (Good on ya, Ozzies, for taking this seriously'):
The West Australian government has launched an inquiry into the flu vaccinations that caused adverse reactions in hundreds of children across the nation.
WA Health Minister Kim Hames said the inquiry would scrutinise systems used to identify public health risks, including vaccine side-effects and disease outbreaks, after criticism of the government's slow response.
Last month, seasonal flu shots caused adverse reactions in 251 children under five in WA, with 55 suffering convulsions and 196 suffering fevers and vomiting...
WA opposition health spokesman Roger Cook said questions remained about the level of co-ordination within the Health Department.
"Parents need to know what went wrong and how the Barnett government will stop it happening again," Mr Cook said

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