Thursday, February 25, 2010

US House Seeks Further Review Of Anthrax Attacks/AP

From WJZ and the Associated Press:
WASHINGTON (AP) ― The House of Representatives is seeking further review of the 2001 anthrax mailings that killed five people.
House members approved an amendment to an intelligence authorization bill Thursday that would require the government to look for credible evidence of foreign involvement in the attacks that killed five people and sickened 17 others.

The action comes six days after the FBI closed its investigation by concluding Army scientist Bruce Ivins was the sole perpetrator of the attacks.

The amendment was offered by New Jersey Democrat Rush Holt, from whose state the letters were mailed, and Maryland Republican Roscoe Bartlett. Maryland is home to Fort Detrick, the Army installation where Ivins worked before he killed himself in 2008.

Both congressmen have expressed doubts about the FBI's conclusions.


Anonymous said...

Require the government to look for credible evidence of foreign involvement in the attacks? Are they joking? So in response to the farce of a case against Ivins, we are now going to reopen the investigation, but only to look for credible evidence of foreign involvement? Are they joking?

How could the House pass this amendment so abruptly? Obviously, this is some kind of desperate attempt to divert attention from the Epstein op-ed (Wall Street Journal, January 24) followed by the Bernstein letter (NY Times, February 24) that finally establish in the mainstream media that the DoJ and the FBI have been covering up the weaponization of the attack anthrax.

Yesterday, this blogspot posted the Kissin memo which in 22 pages demonstrates that the anthrax letters indeed came out of our own so-called biodefense program, but more specifically, that the letters must have come out of our own then-secret anthrax weaponization projects being conducted by the Battelle corporation under contract to our intelligence agencies. The Kissin memo clearly demonstrates means, motive and opportunity. Read it.

Surely, they are not going to try to return to the theory that Iraq was responsible? So that leaves "the terrorists." Right. The DoJ/FBI and the power structure above it engaged in years of clumsy cover-up so as to hide the culpability of “the terrorists.” How ridiculous. Our power structure has been thoroughly committed to beefing up the culpability of “terrorists” as the pretext for never-ending war. The anthrax letters were a “false flag” operation clumsily designed to portray the letters as the responsibility of radical Muslims. Remember “DEATH TO AMERICA, DEATH TO ISRAEL, ALLAH IS GREAT”? This in fact played an entirely predictable role in the run-up to our invasion of Iraq. Furthermore, why would the terrorists distribute weaponized anthrax in tape-sealed envelopes with letters containing warnings and inadvertently kill only five people when dumping such stuff in a ventilation system, for example, would easily cause much, much more massive casualties?

For the love of God, it was only a month ago that the Washington Post ran a front-page article containing the following: "Mowatt-Larssen [the 23-year CIA veteran who led the agency's internal task force on al-Qaeda and weapons of mass destruction after the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks] said he has seen no evidence linking al-Qaeda's program with the anthrax attacks on U.S. politicians and news outlets in 2001. Zawahiri's plan was aimed at mass casualties and 'not just trying to scare people with a few letters,' he said."

If the powers that be get away with this, if we do not manage here and now to grapple with the phenomenon of “inside job,” there will be more "false flag" attacks like the anthrax letters, only they will be made to be much more convincing.

KRolson2 said...

It is to bad they are only willing to look for credible evidenc of foreign involvement and not look for credible evidence in the actual case

KRolson2 said...

Hi Dr. Nass

Here is a link to Rep Holt speeking on the floor of the House of Representatives to support his bill.

Also Thank You for running this Blog.

JohnM said...

I agree with the above about false-flag issues. I suspect that the amendment was worded to search for foreign involvement to persuade the House to approve the amendment. I hope that an organization other than the FBI is assigned the task, and that in investigating, the organization follows the evidence where ever it leads.

Anonymous said...

It does remind me of the way an independent investigation of the FBI's case was earlier limited to the science of discovering the particular flask only. It allows the appearance of an ivestigation, without any substance whatsoever.