Sunday, January 31, 2010

How many Americans were REALLY immunized for Swine Flu?

CDC called a few thousand random phone numbers and asked people whether they had been vaccinated. CDC said the response rate was poor. From this admittedly poor quality dataset, CDC told the world that 20% of Americans had been vaccinated against swine flu.

But CDC had a high quality dataset telling it exactly how many Americans had been vaccinated. From the immunizations program's beginning, CDC has required all centers giving swine flu immunizations to provide weekly tallies of numbers vaccinated.

So why did CDC waste taxpayer dollars dialing random phone numbers, and waste the time of people answering the phone? Early in the epidemic, over 50% of Americans who were surveyed said they planned to get the shot. It seems Americans exaggerate their willingness to be vaccinated when queried by government agencies or their proxies.

Didn't CDC like the actual percentage of vaccinated Americans that had been reported by vaccine clinics? Did CDC instead seek a result from random dialing that would make CDC appear to have been more successful at convincing Americans to be vaccinated? "From our point of view, this looks very successful," said CDC spokesman, Richard Quartarone.

According to Bloomberg, "The U.K., Ireland, Italy, Germany and France have vaccinated less than 10 percent of their populations, compared with 20 percent in Europe in a typical flu season." And in another Bloomberg article: “The willingness to be vaccinated against swine flu is much lower than what governments projected,” said Andrew Goodsall, a health-care analyst with UBS AG in Sydney. And in Texas last week, it was reported that 80% of kids who had received the first swine flu shot failed to return for the second dose.

Yet CDC has claimed that more Americans were vaccinated than in a typical flu season. I think we deserve to see the real data.

"Public health officials who want to increase vaccination rates will need to focus more attention on convincing people who most need it of its safety," Robert Blendon, director of the Harvard Opinion Research Program, said in a statement released with the poll. "Findings here—like past polls—suggest that beliefs about safety have been difficult to change for a segment of the public."

No wonder the Pharma-Government complex has been sending out feelers regarding mandatory vaccinations. Aggressive PR is failing to convince most people of the need to be vaccinated for minor annoyances. Meanwhile, who is in charge of US vaccine safety "science"? CDC.

Do you need a shot now?

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