Friday, May 8, 2009

U.S. funded anthrax vaccine trials on IDF soldiers/ Haaretz

According to an article by Yossi Melman, the US spent $200 million dollars for Israel to develop and produce an anthrax vaccine, and test it on Israeli soldiers during the 1990s.

When the US military was testing plenty of other experimental vaccines on American soldiers during the 1990s (I know of at least half a dozen) what might have led them to test this one offshore? What did the military know about the anthrax vaccine? And when did they know it?

It seems they knew it before the mass mandatory inoculation program began in 1998, but went ahead anyway. That program was initially slated to vaccinate every soldier, but after many vaccine refusals and production problems, vaccinations were limited to those soldiers deploying to Asia.

This story is getting a lot more interesting...


Old Atlantic Lighthouse said...

I agree. Also why is stuff still coming out at this late date about anthrax activities in the 1990's? Why didn't the government disclose this? Why didn't they ask NAS to disclose it? Why didn't they tell Congress in 2008 during the hearings?

The more one learns about the whole history of anthrax and the US government the more one goes back to the slipshod investigation. Why haven't they tried to find the source of the Florida "hoax" letters?

Soda said...

I was diagnosed with a very sudden onset of Diabetes no family history and yes I had the Anthrax Vaccine. Actually on several occasions. Had 4 doses prior to deployment to Israel when my Air National Guard unit suddenly stopped them; then additional doses prior to deployment to Iraq Jan 2009. May 209 my blood sugar went into the 300. What is the latest correlation between Anthrax and Diabetes; what test can I take to show cause.