Friday, April 24, 2009

Army Nearly Done With Probe of Fort Detrick Lab/ Wash Post

No Signs of Criminal Misconduct Found Yet in Disappearance of Virus, Official Says

This rather inconsequential article (lacking context) says Fort Detrick is still working on its inventory...going on 3 months now? Not surprisingly, the Army hasn't found anything to be concerned about, according to Fort Detrick's PR person. The article implies that much of the base's research remains on hold.

Despite fines and sanctions at other research institutes for safety lapses, I have never heard of a single research center that basically shut down for weeks or months pending a review. That back story--what it took to shut the place down, and whether it relates to the anthrax letters--could be extremely interesting.

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Old Atlantic Lighthouse said...

No point bringing charges against anyone, as long as they go along that Ivins could have done it in his lab no matter how many days or trials it took in light of the 2004 paper that found it takes 3 to 14 days and the average yield is only 1/5 gram per liter or something. This factors in that many runs are duds.(I am going by memory.)

Convenient timing of this investigation to remind lab employees of the proper protocol to follow after the US Attorney announces his findings that the person they hounded to suicide was a slam dunk for being guilty.