Friday, March 30, 2018

Meryl Nass, M.D.'s Integrative Internal Medicine Practice

My Bio:

I am a board-certified internal medicine doctor.  I was a National Merit Scholar, left high school early to attend MIT, where I graduated with a degree in biology. I attended NJ Medical School, but transferred to the University of Mississippi when my then-husband relocated there.  I returned to New England in 1985, and Maine has been my home since 1997.

I think outside the box.  I have a deep appreciation that there are many ways to solve a problem, and my job is to find the method that works best for each individual's needs.  I use medicines, supplements, diets, and other healing modalities, as needed, for tough clinical problems like chronic fatigue syndrome, chronic lyme disease and fibromyalgia.  I get great joy in finding the right diagnosis and solutions for patient problems that have lasted years, or even decades.

I believe in First, Do No Harm. I have been on the front lines of vaccine controversies, lecturing around the US and testifying to 6 Congressional committees about the problems with anthrax vaccine, and sometimes other vaccines. My goal is to use a minimum of medications and avoid iatrogenic (doctor-caused) harms.

I have consulted for both the US Director of National Intelligence and the Cuban Ministry of Health.  I have done path-breaking research to understand Zimbabwe's anthrax epidemic, Cuba's neuropathy epidemic, Gulf War Syndrome, the US anthrax outbreak and the Ebola epidemic.  And while doing this research, I worked full time taking care of patients, and raised two sons.  One is now a professor of computer science and the other a cardiologist.

I opened this new medical practice (coming out of an early retirement in 2017) because I can offer an approach that is not duplicated locally, or anywhere in Maine.  I have been blessed with a high rate of recovery in my patients.  I want to offer my services in a way that is respectful, comprehensive, and caring. I am available when needed.  I reserve 1/2 day to meet with new, complex patients and will address all their medical problems.  My fee for this evaluation is $300, or what the patient can afford.  Follow-up visits are generally $75 each and last 30-60 minutes.

However, in order to make this practice work, I cannot accept any insurance plans, and patients must pay for my services when services are rendered. While some insurance plans will reimburse for visits, other (including Medicare) do not.

I hope to see patients with challenging disorders, those who wish to reduce their medications and/or use diet and lifestyle changes to improve health, and those with illnesses occurring after tick bites, fibromyalgia-related, or a consequence of military service or anthrax vaccine.  I will also treat the range of illnesses seen in primary care internal medicine, and I love to work with patients to achieve optimal wellness.  Help choosing the right diet (specific to each individual) can be an important part of my care.

The office phone number is (207) 610-5885.  The fax number is 610-5886.
The office address is 210 Main Street, Ellsworth, Maine, 04605.  My cell (for emergencies) is (207) 522-5229.  My email address is  I do see patients evenings and weekends, if needed for acute illnesses, and can be reached by cell phone any time.  

* Remember to use tick protection when off the asphalt in coastal Maine.  Maine has the highest per-capita rate of Lyme Disease in the US, and Hancock County had the highest rate of Lyme cases in Maine last year.  Not to mention other tick-borne disease...

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